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Royal Wedding: Trump, Obama, and Theresa May Not Invited

The Royal Family has decided to keep the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a low key affair, hence the reason why no political leader is invited.

In a decision that might not sit well with politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won’t consist of any political leaders whatsoever.

That is, whether you are British Prime Minister Theresa May or leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn – or whether you sit in the Oval Office like Donald Trump, the Queen and her family won’t be looking forward to your presence on the wedding day.

Official sources indicate that two major factors contributed to this decision of not inviting any political leaders to the Royal Wedding. First was the decision of the Royal family to invite those people which have done work for the community.

The second reason is the position of Prince Harry in the family. For, he is only fifth in line to the throne, which means the family decided that it was better to keep the whole NO GO area for the political leaders.

While politicians would obviously be unhappy over the absence of an invitation card, there is one family – that of the Obamas – which was invited and which chose not to come. That is despite the fact that Barrack Obama is a close friend of the Prince.

Who has been invited?

While the media would surely feel the absence of political leaders, the fact that 1,200 persons are still invited to the Windsor Castle’s grounds on 19 May means the guest list is anything but small.

And among the guests will be a 12-year-old Amelia Thompson who damaged her vocal cords in addition to injuring herself in the Manchester Arena attack in May 2017.

Also invited is Reuben Litherland, a 14-year-old boy from Derby who has received praise in the wake of his brilliant work for the deaf community.

Another notable invitee is Pamela Anomneze, mother of three, from North London. She received the invitation in the honor of her work which includes helping mentally ill people through art and crafts. She has said that she will take her son, Jude, as her plus one.

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