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Rose McGowan Hits out at Justin Timberlake, Calls Time’s Up a “PR Stunt”

Speaking up on “The View” show of E! news, the actress recounted her dreadful experience with Harvey Weinstein, called out Time’s Up Movement as a fake, and hit out at Justin Timberlake for his silence on the work he did alongside Woody Allen.

In an interview which she gave to E! News on Tuesday, Rose McGowan has accused the Time’s Up movement of being a PR Stunt while criticizing Rose McGowan as a fake for his support of the same. In addition, the actress talked at length about her burgeoning feud with Meryl Streep.

The feud between Streep and McGowan started in December when McGowan called out her co-actress for not being blunter in her stand against Weinstein. Streep, who had worked with Weinstein in the past, released a statement calling his actions ‘’ most gargantuan example of disrespect.” To which McGowan replied in a tweet, saying, “No, Meryl, IT’S A F—ING CRIME. You are such a [liar]’’.

Therefore, in the light of these comments coming from her side, it was natural that McGowan would be asked about her opinion on the same topic once again, and she didn’t hold back.

“You know, it’s not so much Meryl Streep specifically, it’s just more of the establishment,” said McGowan. ‘’She’s a tremendous actress, she’s tremendously gifted, but anybody who kisses his ass is gross to me. Can’t help it. Sorry.”

As the conversation moved forward, the host asked McGowan her opinion on the Time’s Up movement and the decision of the celebrities to go to this year’s Golden Globes wearing all black.

Though she herself attended the event following the dress code, McGowan called it a “PR stunt” and revealed that Creative Arts Agency was behind the whole movement. She further claimed that the reason they were doing so was that she had accused them of human trafficking as, in her opinion, CRA takes ‘’profit off of their (women’s) bodies’’.

From then on, as if almost on a cue, she referred towards Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, his wife, and used them as an example to prove her point.

“So someone like Justin Timberlake showing up wearing a black shirt and taking a picture of Jessica Biel and hashtag something like, ‘Doesn’t my wife look hot?’ hashtag Time’s Up. And then I wanna be like hashtag Woody Allen, that’s who you’re working with. So the thing is collectively it felt really wrong,” McGowan said.


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