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Revealed: Why Lucy Hale Waited Years to Tell About the Inspiration of ‘’Lie a Little Better’’

The ‘’Life Sentence’’ star waited four years before revealing that her 2014 song, ‘’Lie a Little Better’’, was inspired by Drew Van Acker, her co-star from ‘’Pretty Little Liars’’.

It took Lucy Hale four years to confirm that yes, the lyrics of her 2014 song, Lie a Little Better, were dedicated to her former co-star Drew Van Acker.

In a strange turn of events, once she made the announcement, it seemed as if Lucy wasn’t so sure, as she later deleted that Tweet from her account.

However, as Hale confirmed in her interview to ET online, she owns that Tweet and that she had a ‘’crush’’ on Van Acker back from the days when both of them acted together in the ‘’Pretty Little Liars’’.

‘Yeah, this song is about Drew,’ the 28-year-old told ET Online. ‘’ “I had a crush on Drew. It was years ago,” said Hale with a sweet smile on her face.

When the interviewer asked Hale whether she had told Van Acker about her crush on him, Hale quickly joked that ‘’he knows now’’, before claiming that ‘’it’s all done with’’ and that Van Acker is happy with someone else in his life now.

While it may be hard to believe, this isn’t the first time that Hale had a crush on one of her on-screen co-stars.

She admitted in the same interview that when both of them were acting in “Pretty Little Liars”, she started to take a love interest in Ian Harding.

To explain why she was so easy to give her heart away, Hale blames her age as she was 20 at the time she was working in ‘’Pretty Little Liars’’. Hale also has a word for on-set romances, which she calls as ‘’shomances’’.

Finally, she told in the interview that when she was young, she had lots of shomances going on. But those episodes of love stopped the moment she stopped working with the co-star, Hale further adds.

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