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Revealed: The Never-Before Told Truths of Mark Salling

Shamed worldwide for his propensity for child porn, as he was caught possessing 50,000 child abuse images and was due to be jailed, the disgraced Glee Star committed suicide on Tuesday.

Disgraced Actor Mark Salling, better known as Noah “Puck” for his role in Fox’s Comedy-drama “Glee’’, was found dead in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, his attorney has confirmed. Initial reports hint that the disgraced actor might have committed suicide. He was 35.

Just one month before his death, in December 2017, Salling had pled guilty to possession of child pornography images. With the plea deal in place, Salling was expected to serve at least four years in jail, a far cry from the 20-year sentence which he would have received had he decided to contest the case.

Here’s what we know so far about the life (and death) of the disgraced actor …

He Committed Suicide

According to TMZ, Salling appears to have committed suicide by hanging himself. Worse, in an indication that it was hours before his body was eventually found, Salling’s corpse was reportedly noticed lying in a little league field.

Another report, this one coming from the Blast, confirmed to the media that Mark was missing for quite some time, and that a family member filed a report to the Police on 30th January to locate him. Still, it wasn’t the LAPD but a common man who found Salling’s body.

It wasn’t his first Suicide Attempt

Further aggravating the sense of loss of Salling’s loved ones is the report from TMZ which claimed that, in August 2017, the shamed actor cut his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt. Still, after he had cut himself, Salling called one of his roomates who then informed 911 after which Salling was taken to the hospital.

Once in the hospital, reports further claim that Salling was kept in a psychiatric ward, and was later transferred to a rehabilitation center so that he could cope with his psychological demons. So fierce was his previous suicide attempt that Salling’s arms were reportedly scarred, hence forcing him to wear long sleeves despite the blistering heat of Los Angeles.

He Pled Guilty to Possession of Child Pornography Images

Salling was arrested for possessing Child Pornographic material for the first time in December, 2015. The Police raided his home after receiving a tip and found out a mega-cache of child pornographic material on his computer and a thumb drive.

After his initial recalcitrance, as Salling pled Not Guilty in 2016, Salling came around last year and accepted his crimes in a Federal Court. Per Federal Prosecutors, some of the victims whose images were found on Salling’s computer were between three and five years in age. He was scheduled to be sentenced in the coming March for 4 to 7 years in prison, after which he was to be released but kept under police supervision for 20 years.

The Reaction

Such was the nature of crimes that Salling committed during his life that even after his death, his co-stars were measured in offering their condolences.


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