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Pink KitKat Chocolate Launches In the UK

Think chocolate is the only flavor you could get from the four-finger KitKat? The naturally-pink KitKat Chocolate, which launches in the UK on April 16, will force you to think again.

UK consumers would have the honor of being the first European consumers to buy Nestlé’s first ever four-finger KitKat, which is made from ruby chocolate extracted from carefully selected cocoa beans.

In case you are wondering, this new version of KitKat would have a lurid lipstick pink coating which promises an ‘’intense fruity taste’’.

The best thing about this chocolate is that its pink color isn’t synthetic, rather it is the same as that of ruby cocoa beans grown in Brazil, Ecuador, and the Ivory Coast. KitKat is the first brand who would launch a pink colored chocolate in the British market.

The idea behind the pink colored chocolate wasn’t that of Nestlé, instead, it was the Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut whose brains were behind it.

The world’s leading supplier of chocolate and cocoa products spent at least a decade experimenting and unlocking the beans’ flavors and colors.

The company describes the flavor of the product as a “tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”, though it is adamant that it added no colors or flavors to create the pink color, which owes its origin to a powder which was extracted during the processing phase.

Ruby chocolate –of which the Pink KitKat is made– is the fourth type of chocolate after dark, white, and milk. Nestle claims that it is the first new natural color for the chocolate since its release of the white chocolate eight decades ago.

Also, the UK isn’t the first market which will get to test the Pink KitKat chocolate, as it has already been introduced in Korea and Japan earlier this year. And it was only after it enjoyed success in both the Asian countries that the pink KitKat was brought to Europe.

The pink KitKat chocolate will launch in the UK on April 16, after which it will go on sale in the US and across the rest of Europe.

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