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People Born In September Are Usually Smarter, Study Claims

In addition to making the claim, the study further reveals the reason as to why it is that September-born babies are smarter than their counterparts who are born in other months of the year.

According to a study which your September-born friend would surely love, babies who are born in September are smarter than everyone else.

In case you are wondering, the reason has to do with the school year which begins in September and concluded in the mid of August.

As a result, when children born in September enroll in school, they are one year older than their non-September classmates, hence the reason why they are on the sharper side.

All of this is claimed in a study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, which further found that being on the elder side does give the children a head start in school.

The researchers were able to draw this conclusion after studying the cognitive development patterns of over 1.2million school students. Belonging to Florida, the ages of these school students ranged between six and fifteen.

To fortify their study, the researchers – in addition to cataloging the data of September born children, compared it with children who were born in other months as well.

Furthermore, the researchers also concluded that the increase in scores was not a one-off pattern, instead, it built over time. So much so that if a child is born in September, he stands a very good chance of getting admission into a good university.

In addition to their birth month, the study also took other socio-economic factors of the children into its stride. These factors included the ethnicity of the child’s parents, their affluence, as well as their education.

In yet another important finding of the story, if you are born in September, chances are very dim that you’d spend time behind bars. The study concluded this visiting youth detention centers in Florida to look and analyze the data of their residents.

A separate study, which was carried out by IFL science, further notes that if you are born in September – and are left-handed – you have a more developed right brain hemisphere, which means you’re above average at spatial reasoning.

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