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‘Pay the woman’: ‘’Walking Dead” Star tells AMC amid Lauren Cohan contract dispute

King Ezekiel has spoken, and the higher-ups of the AMC might not like to know what he has said in favor of his ‘’The Walking Dead’’ co-star Lauren Cohan.

Khary Payton, who plays the role of King Ezekiel in ”The Walking Dead” has come out in support of her co-star Lauren Cohan’s stance that she should earn as much as other male actors in the zombie drama series.

Cohan, who has been with the show since Season 2, has been renegotiating her contract with AMC for months after rejecting the ‘modest’ pay raise which she was offered during Season 7 of ‘’The Walking Dead’’.

The dispute started last year when Cohan, who is now one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood, indicated her desire to be paid on par with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, the show’s lead male actors.

Apart from the current row over his salary negotiations, another thing which makes the future of Payton in ‘’The Walking Dead’’ uncertain is her duties elsewhere. For, she would soon be playing the role of a CIA agent in the ‘’Whiskey Cavalier’’, an ABC drama series.

Amid so much uncertainty regarding her future in the hit zombie series, it was Khary Payton, who plays the role of King Ezekiel in ‘’The Walking Dead’’, who supported her co-star’s stance with a cryptic, three-word message of ‘’Pay the woman’’ on his Instagram account.

Cohen’s role in Whiskey Cavalier

It was only last month that ABC announced that Lauren Cohan would be playing a lead role in the ABC drama series titled ‘’Whiskey Cavalier’’. The drama is described as a high-octane series which follows the adventures of a tough FBI super-agent Will Chase who is assigned to work with his CIA counterpart Francesca Frankie following an emotional breakup.

Together, both the agents lead an agency of heroic but flawed spies who not only save the world but also navigate the perplexing roads of romance, friendship, and office politics.

Scott Foley would play the role of Code Chase whereas Cohan would play Frankie, the cunning, quick, and impulsive CIA operative who finds that she has to protect the same target as Chase. In the process, the two of them come to know each other secrets before falling in love.

Apart from playing the lead role, Foley would also be producing the ‘’Whiskey Cavalier’’

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