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Oscars 2018: Best, Worst Moments

The 90th Oscars came to the fore on Sunday, with Jimmy Kimmel hosting the show for the 2nd year running.

Following his Best Picture fiasco from last year, Jimmy Kimmel was at his hosting best yet again at this year’s Oscars. By deftly managing the plethora of political controversies which have stunned Hollywood over the past year or so, Kimmel used his charm and quick wit to enamor the audience.

In honor of the Hollywood’s most glorious night of the year, let’s turn our attention to some of the best and the weirdest moments of Oscars 2018 …

The Best

Vintage Hollywood introduction

Since this year was the milestone anniversary of the Oscars, Kimmel borrowed an idea from the 1940s retro newsreel to kick start the show. The whole intro was shot in black and white for the TV audience, with Kimmel also using Lupita Nyongo’s’s Kenyan lineage to criticize the President.

Rita Moreno Wearing Her 1962 Oscars dress

Some of you who aren’t old enough might not have realized during the show why Rita Moreno was so highly praised for her dress. If you still don’t know the reason, well, it was the same dress that she wore back in 1962 when she won an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress.

The Worst

Kimmel Bringing Out His 9-year-old self

It doesn’t matter how much you love Kimmel and his show hosting capabilities; one might not have helped but cringe when Kimmel bright out his 9-year-old self. Of course, that was an attempt at humor at his part – but the attempt went so flat that nobody even chuckled.

The Weird Ice Palace Set

One glance at the stage, and many of us wondered on whether the Academy had borrowed it from Disney’s Frozen. So weird was it that you might be mistaken for thinking that a shark would appear from backstage to devour everyone who was on it.

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