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O.J. Simpson’s Fox Interview Sounds Like He Confessed to Murder

Twenty four years after the suspicious murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown, the mystery now seems to be over once and for all.

In a stunning interview to author Judith Rogan on Fox News, O.J. Simpson has ‘’hypothetically’’ confessed that he murdered both Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown on that fateful night of June 12, 1994.

Fox News aired ‘’O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?’’ on Sunday night in which Simpson was supposed to clear the air, and present his viewpoint on what happened THAT night.

The show was shot in 2006, and the conversation surrounding the dual-murder was supposed to be a ‘’hypothetical’’ explanation of how O.J could have murdered his wife Nicole Brown with her friend Rob Goldman – a crime which the court said O.J. didn’t commit before acquitting him in 1995.

During the trial, O.J. never testified about his perspective on murders and who would have carried them out. However, in ‘’The Lost Confession’’, not only did he offer his perspective but O.J. literally took Rogan by the arm to walk him through the murder.

‘’The Confession’’

O.J starts the show by talking about his friend ‘’Charlie’’, who, for the reason O.J. didn’t mention in the interview, went to Nicole’s to snoop on her life. Afterward, Charlie came back to Simpson and told him what was going on in his ex-wife’s home, to which O.J. replied that ‘’it’s gotta stop’’.

From here on, O.J. takes is on a hypothetical journey, one on which he alongside Charlie went to Nicole’s home with gloves, a cap, and a knife under their car seat.

After parking the car in the alley, Simpson says he confronted Ron Goldman, asking him the reason to be on Nicole’s property.

In reply, Ron stated that he was at the restaurant where Nicole had a dinner and that he came to Nicole’s property to return the sunglasses which her mom had left behind at the restaurant.

Simpson says that it was at this time that he got angry at Ron – thinking that he was dating Simpson’s ex-wife – and started to scream at him. Hearing the voices, Nicole came out and told O.J. to ‘’get the f**k off her property’’, after which Simpson says Nicole fell and fatally hurt herself.

That’s where the confession comes … Losing the sense that he was on reality TV, Simpson started talking in the first person. He says Ronald Goldman got in a karate stance, to which O.J. said that that he remembered ‘’grabbing his knife’’

Now, It was at this moment that O.J. realized that he was on TV, so he fell silent, and started to laugh on the set to show that he had simply gone off-track.

What’s more, he also acknowledges on the show that he dropped a glove on Nicole’s property. And if you have followed his case, you might recall that police followed a glove on the actual crime scene as well.

Case closed.

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