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‘’New Girl’’ Cast Reflects on Previous Seasons of Fox Comedy

Ever wondered what the cast of ‘New Girl’ – a hit Fox Comedy – had to say about the drama series? Well, you just got your wish granted.

After 146 episodes, seven seasons, and innumerable ups and downs, Fox Comedy ‘’New Girl’’ will end this year. Its finale, which is divided into two parts, will be aired Tuesday on Fox.

The finale is expected to wrap up the lives of Jess, Schmidt, Nick, Winston, and Cece after Nick and (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) got engaged in the penultimate episode.

When the sixth season of ‘’New Girl’’ finished last season, there were rumors that it would be the last. The popularity of the drama was going down, fans weren’t as interested as before and even Fox was showing doubts.

However, thanks to efforts from its cast in general and Jake Johnson in particular, the drama returned for one last hurrah. Its seventh season, which contains eight episodes, is also the last for ‘’New Girl’’.

Speaking to Variety at the screening of the two-tiered finale, Johnson told just to make sure the drama had an ending, he personally wrote to Fox CEOs at the end of 6th Season. He says he wanted to do that because he ‘’really wanted Nick and Jess to have a proper ending’’.

For Zooey Deschanel, who played the role of Jess in the Fox Comedy, the end of ‘’New Girl’’ means she would have to bid farewell to the role which earned her an Emmy nomination in 2012.

On what she enjoyed the most from the seven seasons of the drama, Deschanel says that she enjoyed the ‘’guilelessness of Jessica, the positivity, and what a good friend she is’’ while talking to Variety.

Deschanel also thinks that ‘’New Girl’’ was different from other comedy dramas. For, in her opinion, while other comedies have mean people, ‘’New Girl’’ was built around a nice character.

As for Max Greenfield, who enjoyed huge success with his role as Schmidt in the drama, he acknowledges that the drama was instrumental in her career and that it ‘’changed his life’’. For, it was only after his performance in ‘’New Girl’’ that Greenfield got starring roles in ‘’American Crime Story’’ and ‘’American Horror Story’’.

Talking about the final episode, Hannah Simone, who plays Cece, teases the fans by saying that nobody ‘’will see that ending coming’’ and that she had tears in her eyes while reading the script of the finale.

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