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Netflix Picks Up “Lucifer” After Fox Cancellation, Episode Count Revealed

Netflix’s decision to pick-up “Lucifer” took the fans of the supernatural TV drama by a pleasant surprise who were earlier mourning its cancellation by Fox.

Over the past couple of weeks, the TV world experienced a bloodbath as numerous long-running fan-favorite TV drams were canceled by networks, including “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Marvel’s Inhumans,” “The X-Files,” “The Expanse,” and numerous others.

Since then, fans have launched various campaigns to save their favorite TV shows. Some of those campaigns have yielded positive results, as both the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Expanse” have been rescued.

Enter Fox’s “Lucifer,” whose name can now officially be added to the saved list.

Fox unveiled its decision to cancel “Lucifer” at the start of May and after running it for three seasons. The supernatural drama has now been picked up by Netflix, with the streaming giant ready to stream its fourth season to the viewers.

Ever since its cancellation, “Lucifer” was in contact with numerous streaming outlets to keep the series going, before eventually arriving at Netflix.

It has also been revealed that Amazon Studios were also initially interested in picking up the series, though eventually Netflix swooped in and won the day.

“Lucifer” reveals around the life of Devil (Tom Ellis) who vacated Hell to run a nightclub in Los Angeles, where the LAPD hires him as a consultant to solve crimes.

Although it received mixed reviews in its debut season in 2016, the 2nd and 3rd seasons saw its popularity rising.

Details have emerged that the 4th season will consist of ten brand-new episodes, plus the two additional “bonus” episodes which would run for the same length of time as the original episodes. The 3rd season, meanwhile, consisted of 22 episodes.

Netflix’s decision to jump in and save “Lucifer” follows the longstanding tradition of the streaming giant to give a new life to fan-favorites. It has saved numerous shows, like “Longmire” and “Arrested Development” in the past.

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