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MGM brings Reece Witherspoon back for ‘’Legally Blonde 3’’

Sources have told that Reece Witherspoon is close to signing a deal with MGM to replay the role of Elle Woods in ‘’Legally Blonde 3’’.

In addition to bringing back Reece Witherspoon for ‘’Legally Blonde 3’’, MGM have also brought back a lion’s share of the creative team which worked on the first film.

The whole plan is coming quickly. Karen McCullah and Kristen ‘’Kiwi’’ Smith, who turned the Amanda Brown novel into the film in 2001, are also said to be in final talks with MGM to write the script. However, what is not clear as of now as to who will direct the pic.

Remember, Robert Luketic was the director of the original film back in 2001. And if MGM’s current plans give us a clue, it seems likely that Luketic will, once again, direct the movie.

It was in 2001 that the Original ‘’Legally Blonde’’ hit the Box Office. The film also had a sequel, ‘’Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde’’, which was released in 2003. Both the films were hugely successful at the Box Office, despite having meager budgets.

For instance, while the original had a budget of $18 million, it raked in $141 million worldwide. The sequel, meanwhile, raked in $124 million on a budget of $45 million.

The decision of MGM to bring back the ‘’Legally Blonde’’ series is in line with its other choices in the recent past. For, it has already brought back the ‘’Creed’’ series with Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson starring in ‘’Creed 2’’.

What’s more, ‘’Bond 25’’ was just confirmed as well, with Daniel Craig returning for the starring role. The film is directed by Danny Boyle and John Hodges has written its script.

Plot of ‘’Atomic Blonde 3’’ yet to be revealed

Although MGM haven’t released anything of note about the plot yet, sources have told Deadline that the film will play out in the same spirit as the first one, which revolved around Wood’s idealism and her pink wardrobe.

In the sequel, Woods joined the staff of a Congresswoman in DC, who was working to pass a bill to ban animal testing. Therefore, if previous parts are anything to go by, it could be surmised that the ‘’Legally Blonde 3’’ will be about female empowerment.

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