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McDonald’s Flips Their Arches Upside Down

The global food chain giant has done it for just one day, though.

In a bid to honor the International Women’s Day which is celebrated worldwide today, the global fast-food chain McDonald’s have turned their iconic golden arches upside down.

The arches would remain flipped throughout the day as McDonald’s shows its reverence to the achievements and accomplishments of women around the world.

According to the chief diversity officer of McDonald’s, this is the first time in the history of the brand that it has flipped its iconic arches.

Wendy Lewis, the Chief diversity officer, further revealed that McDonald’s did so to honor the extraordinary accomplishments which women are carrying everywhere, and especially in McDonald’s restaurants.

The arches are turned down at McDonald’s in Lynwood, which is the only location in the country chosen by the McDonald’s higher-ups for the logo flip.

Nicole Enrau, who along with her sister and mother, is the operator-owner of the Lynwood McDonald’s says that since everybody knows about the golden arches, flipping it makes an iconic statement.

Though the Lynwood McDonald’s is the only one to have the logo flip on its outside, there are at least 100 other McDonald’s locations over the country which would feature the flipped logo sign on placements, packaging, employee hats, and shirts.

In addition, the same inverted logo would be used throughout today on McDonald’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts. Though it is the first time that McDonald’s have taken this decision, people are of the opinion that it shouldn’t be the last.

The decision to choose Lynwood McDonald’s for this special initiative was because their employees are mostly females. For, of the 10 branches that operate in that area, 6 of them have women managers.

In addition to that iconic gesture, the official McDonald’s website is also running a campaign under which the women employees of the fast-food chain have come forward to share some of the inspirational stories from their lives.

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