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‘’Married at First Sight’’ Ash Now Dating Justin

After being left heartbroken when her TV husband Troy Delmege left her for Carly Bowyer, Ashley Irvin has now moved on from her previous relationship as well.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Don’t believe me? Ask Troy Delmege who is now seeing her TV ‘’wife’’ Ashley Irvin dating millionaire Justin Fischer.

While the rumor mill was hot for the past few months, we only got a concrete evidence last week as the pair of Ashley and Justin were pictured arriving at the Hyatt Park in Sydney, Australia.

It is reported by OK! Magazine, which further reports that Justin went to the airport to collect Ashley who traveled in Virgin Flight to the Sydney Airport on Friday.

Showing his manners, Justin was seen by the paparazzi putting the overnight case of Ash into the Diggy of his Range Rover.

Afterward, the pair directly went to the Park Hyatt, where they were pictured by a fan as they enjoyed a romantic dinner date. Sources further claim that the pair was walking hand-in-hand as it entered the hotel.

What’s more, they also watched the demise of the sun at The Rocks, where Justin once again showed his love for the petite blonde by wrapping his arms around her.

It is further reported that they were flirty on The Rock, and that they ‘’touched each other a lot’’, according to OK! Magazine,

Following the dinner, the pair then went to Justin’s house which is located in Rose Bay, where Ashley spent the night. Afterward, the pair was also spotted at a breakfast motel the next morning.

Remember, Justin also has a past like that of Ashely, however, it is her who left his previous wife, claiming that she was like ‘’his little sister’’ on a night out.

Things got more ugly in their relationship when Justin announced on social media that he was ‘’attracted to girls like Ash’’.

As for Ashley, she almost came to blows with Carly on the Tuesday night episode of ‘’Married at First Sight’’.

So out of bounds did her meeting with Carly go, that after a round of rebuking each other, Carly stored out of the room crying and had to be consoled by Troy.

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