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Marriage At First Sight Groom Troy Delmege is Virgin, Claims Sister

Her sister made the revelation in an interview in which she appeared to defend the odd behavior which his brother has displayed on Married At First Sight.

In case the behavior of Troy Delmege wasn’t awkward enough on the show, his sister has now made an even weird claim: that his brother is a 35-year-old virgin.

Troy, 35, has been consistently raising eyebrows ever since his first appearances on MAFS, during which he hit on the entire family of his bride, described the girl of his dreams as a “Barbie Cheerleader’’, brushed his teeth like a maniac, and taken down his marriage vows from a website.

Ever since his first appearance and even after making the abovementioned antics, Troy has not slowed down, with his bizarre antics going more out of the way with each passing week. So alienating his actions have been that while a large majority believes he is a paid actor on the show, his wife Ashley Irwin is greatly dismayed by Troy’s antics.

It is under these circumstances – and amid a furor over the behavior of his brother that Troy’s sister Tanya Delmege has come out and staunchly defended his brother, by accusing Ash, 28, of going after stardom.

“I think Ashley’s on [Married At First Sight] for different reasons than Troy. Troy feels like Ash definitely wants to be famous,” Tanya told NW.

At the start of this month, images surfaced on social media of Tray kissing another contestant, Carly Bowyer, in a park in Melbourne city.

When asked to comment on that matter – and whether her brother could end up constructing a happy future alongside Carly, Tanya lifted the lid on a not-so-insignificant detail about her brother’s life.

“[Carly and Troy] have some social differences … Troy’s very churchy actually and as far as I know he’s on the V-plates,” demurred Tanya, before going on to add that what Troy was waiting is for a real marriage, and not the reality-TV drama found on the dating show.

“The view of my family is that they need to overcome their social differences, which are very significant.”

During the latest show of MAFS, both Ashley and Troy decided that the wanted the marriage to continue. It was a huge surprise for the viewers considering the fact that their marriage is passing through torrid times and the fact that Ashley looks to abhor Troy.

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