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Manchester Arena Bombing Survivor Thrilled With David Beckham Selfie during Royal Wedding

The 12-year-old survivor of the Manchester Arena Bombing Attack which claimed the lives of 22-people was chuffed on getting a selfie with the former English footballer.

A 12-year-old survivor of the Manchester Arena Bombing Attack – who was invited to attend the Royal Wedding – claims that getting a selfie with David Beckham was the ‘’best bit’’ for her about the whole day.

Amelia Mae Thompson was chuffed to see a beaming David Beckham stop behind his wife to have a selfie with her. That moment was caught live on television and the ecstatic reaction of the 12-year-old made her an instant Internet sensation.

After taking the selfie, the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, and LA Galaxy legend hugged Amelia to make her day.

Later, when she got in front of the ITV News cameras, Amelia was asked about the ‘’best bit’’ of her day, to which she replied: “Getting a selfie with David Beckham and seeing the horse and carriage go past.”

Other items on her list included seeing Prince Harry with his brother Prince William and Meghan’s bridesmaids.

Amelia was one of the survivors of the deadly Manchester Arena terror attack which took place on May 22 last year and claimed the lives of 22 people.

Her visit to the concert was supposed to be a treat for Amelia following a few difficult years in her life where Amelia saw the death of her uncle and her father suffering two heart attacks.

She is currently undergoing speech therapy and counseling sessions after damaging her vocal chords from screaming in utter terror during the attack, as per the Manchester Evening News.

When Amelia was invited to the Royal Wedding, she was allowed to bring as her guest one of her family members. Instead, she made the kind gesture of bringing the grandmother of one of the victims of the terror attack with her.

Sarah Goodman, the lady who Amelia invited as her guest to the Royal Wedding, lost her granddaughter in the blast. Amelia says she decided to invite her in an effort to ‘’put a smile on her face’’.

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