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Man Makes Citizen’s Arrest While Dragging On His Cigarette

Move over Daniel Craig; we have a new contender for the next James Bond film, and he is also for real.
Sorry, Daniel Craig; we have a new contender for the starring role in the James Bond franchise. And guess what, our fella is also for real.

Jokes aside, the suave-looking fella in the abovementioned image broke the internet when he made a citizen’s arrest in London, and that too without even dropping his cigarette.

Just when he has pinned the man to the floor, our hero was seen taking a nonchalance drag on his cigarette, as if it’s just another day at the office for him.

It is at that moment that the image was taken which has turned this stranger into an online sensation.

Since we don’t know his name, yet, we’re going to call our stranger hero ‘Ford’, for he looks like a twin-version of Harrison Ford.

The photo which has made him an internet sensation was taken by photographer Nick MacMohan. It was posted on Reddit with the caption ‘A very British citizen’s arrest’.

Reports indicate that the whole episode started when a guy, who was way too drunk, wanted to have a brawl with the gatherers in the Borough Market Area. Fortunately, the episode had a happy ending with the guy having his face into the dirt.

Tired of the man’s shenanigans, our friend and his friend enter the picture. They immediately tackle him and give the story a happy ending. Reportedly, both of them were having lunch at a nearby restaurant before they took the brawl-loving guy to cleaners.

MacMohan is of the view that the drunk guy had been pestering our friend Ford and his mate for money earlier in the day. So, maybe they had a history.

“He was pretty drunk, walking around with a beer in hand,” MacMohan said, according to Lad Bible. “Maybe 15 minutes later I see a couple men holding him to the ground outside the pub.”

“They let him go and tried to make him leave the market area but he kept hassling them, trying to start a fight. They were not in the mood and just wanted him gone.”

Eventually, once they had pinned him, Ford and his mate kept a hold of the drunk man until the arrival of the police which took him away.

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