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Man Eats McDonald’s For Seven Days And Still Loses Weight

Ever got told by a doctor that fast food is not good for your health? Prove to him that his theory is wrong by showing him the example of Mr. Mike Jeavons.

All of us can agree that if we eat nothing but McDonald’s for a few days, we’d gain some weight, right? Wrong. For one YouTuber has shown that you could rely on the junk food for seven days but can still end up shedding some pounds.

The name of that human is Mike Jeavons, who set himself a unique challenge after watching the documentary Super Size Me. That challenge included eating McDonald’s for a full seven days while also losing weight in the process.

However, there is a small twist in his week-long McDonald’s diet. While Mike ate nothing but food supplied by the American fast food giant, he had delivered a food plan for a balanced diet.

That is before he embarked on his seven-day long love affair with McDonald’s, Mark had set up guidelines for salt, fat, and calories which he could eat during the week. Therefore, while he ate junk food, Mike also took care of his diet plan in the process.

When he started the challenge, Mark had the company of Grace, his wife, who had decided early on to buck up her husband. However, after the first few days, Grace decided enough was enough and threw in the towel.

To his credit, Mark persevered despite losing his companion in the challenge. In breakfast, he settled for muffins, bagels, and porridge. And since he knew that a big burger was a must in the dinner, Mark decided to stick to a salad or wrap for the lunch.

To save his caloric intake, Mark decided to forego sugary drinks in favor of their sugar-free counterparts. Still, as the third day of his challenge arrived, Mark knew that something was amiss – as his stomach was showcasing some problems.

Once again, Mark persevered though he says that by the end of his challenge, he was yearning for a home cooked mill. That didn’t stop him, however, for having a quarter pounder as his last meal of the seven-day challenge.

As for the amount of weight that he lost, Mark says that he was weighing 99kg at the start of his challenge. However, as the week in which Mark tested every McDonald’s recipe ended, he was weighing 96kgs.

That means that in the course of seven days, Mark was able to shed off 3kgs despite eating the fattiest food one could imagine

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