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LOL Moments: Notes That Strangers Wrote to Each Other!

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Leaving notes for strangers is like the ultimate sneak diss, the pinnacle of saying something without actually saying it to their face. Scribbled messages are the go-to move when you want to show someone you’re not happy with them but don’t want the awkward confrontation. And guess what? Some folks take it to a whole new level of creativity.

Whether they’re laying down the sass or coming up with their quirky responses, we’ve scoured everywhere to bring you notes that’ll make you laugh out loud. Let’s dive into the world of the funniest notes people have written to total strangers!

Always the Wise Guy

You know that moment when you enter a public restroom, hoping for a pristine toilet experience, and someone decides to be the comedic genius of the day? Picture this: a clean bowl, a potential serene moment, and then bam! A note proudly declaring, “Don’t forget to flush.” It’s like the universe’s way of sneaking a dad joke into your bathroom routine. Now, even if the bowl isn’t spotless, you’ll at least leave with a smile.

A Horse Marks His Territory

Meet Tic Tac, the enigmatic equine with a knack for picking prime locations for his bathroom breaks. Is he a villain or an unsung hero? Tic Tac sees a car, feels the urge, and voila, instant artwork. Maybe he’s just horsing around, or perhaps he’s a practical joker. Regardless, Tic Tac’s name adds an extra layer of hilarity. Imagine a completely white horse with a mint-fresh aura – comedic gold, right?

Too Close for Comfort

Parking wars are a real thing. In some cities, finding a spot is an epic quest that can rival the length of a movie. So, when someone threatens to unleash the Vaseline bandit on parking spot thieves, you can’t help but understand the sentiment. If you’ve got a designated spot, you’re not letting anyone swoop in and steal it. We won’t judge; it’s the driver’s holy grail.

3 Signs for Cat Safety

Cats, those sly little adventurers, can’t resist the allure of forbidden territories, especially the great outdoors. One sign isn’t enough to deter them, and even two seem to fall short. As the saying goes, the third time’s the charm. These cunning critters are determined to explore, and no mere sign can hold them back.


Effective Immediately

Quitting a job is always a bit awkward, right? Well, one bold individual took an unconventional route. No formal email or traditional notice here – just a lined notebook paper with a stick figure proudly proclaiming, “Effective immediately.” It’s a savage yet creative move, breaking free from the norm. Sometimes, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go – even when it comes to leaving a job.

Real Life Office Space

Okay, so, you know that line at the end of the movie “Office Space,” where the boss keeps saying, “that would be grrreaaat”? Well, someone at work used that in a note. Cool, right? It’s like bringing a piece of a classic movie into the office vibe. We appreciate the nod to cult classics, especially in a workplace setting.

This person seems to care very little about their job, considering the spelling and grammar are, well, let’s say “unique.” But, hey, they threw in a movie reference – nice one! Wonder if the boss found it amusing. Usually, you’d expect a more serious note when someone’s calling it quits, right?

Moving on to a Better Place

People are really getting creative with quitting notes nowadays. Check this out – someone used a Hallmark-style “I’m sorry for your loss” card to say they’re leaving. That’s pretty clever, making the boss think it’s as serious as losing a loved one. Subtle, yet bold move.

So, Alex here sees himself as a big deal, a key player in the team. Respect for giving a two-week notice, though. But, hey, we love when employees act all sad in their notes, even if deep down, they’re just thrilled to be heading out the door.

A Game by Sadists

Now, this note is on the vicious side. Imagine making a traffic warden search for the right parking ticket just to park legally – kind of evil genius, right? We get it, parking tickets aren’t fun, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Let’s be clear, we respect people doing their jobs, including traffic cops. But, seriously, making them work extra just to give you permission to park? A bit twisted, but hey, it’s kind of brilliant.

What Makes You So Special?

Quick question: does the person who drew this always carry chalk around, or did they wait for Walmart to open? Phew, just had to get that off our chests. So, there are those folks who think they own the world, including any parking spot they desire. This person, armed with chalk, decided to call out their entitled behavior. Respect.

Parking spots have lines for a reason, right? This person wasn’t having it with the entitled park-anywhere attitude and used chalk to set things straight. We can’t help but appreciate the effort.

No Spoilers Please

Imagine being a “Game Of Thrones” fan, and everyone’s chatting about the latest episode. You missed it, and spoilers are a real threat. Well, this person had the genius idea to warn others not to spoil the show. Now that’s thinking ahead!

In the golden age of “Game Of Thrones,” avoiding spoilers was like a mission. This person, smartly, put up a note to make sure their favorite show stays a surprise. Props for the foresight!

Misplaced Love

Imagine leaving your home in the morning, ready for another workday, only to discover a love note on your car. Sounds heartwarming, right? But wait, it wasn’t meant for you. The disappointment must be tough. Now, the note writer faces the awkward task of clarifying the mix-up without hurting the unintended recipient’s feelings. It’s an “ouch” moment for sure.

Short and Sweet

Some folks prefer simplicity. They don’t beat around the bush. This note reflects that style—short, direct, and lacking in emotional nuances. While it might lack the touchy-feely aspect, it gets the message across crystal clear. No room for imagination here. To each their own, right?

With a Little Help From Carly

Needing someone to move their car from your blocked driveway? Why not add a musical twist? Quoting a popular tune and even including a barcode to scan and listen on YouTube adds a creative touch to an otherwise frustrating situation. It’s a unique way to express annoyance while injecting a bit of humor into the ordeal.

Applause for the Attempt

Trying to dodge jury duty can be tricky, but this note takes creativity to the next level. Declaring oneself a vigilante for justice, implying that entering the court will have consequences, is downright genius. It’s a humorous and bold attempt to escape civic responsibilities, leaving an impression on anyone reading the note.

A Sign from Prime

Optimus Prime, the iconic transformer, becomes the holy messenger for critiquing terrible parking skills. The note cleverly conveys the message without being too blunt. However, there’s a dilemma—what if the car owner doesn’t know who Optimus Prime is, especially if they’re born after 2000? Is there a modern equivalent for them?

Creativity Passive Aggressive

Living together often leads to disputes, and dirty dishes can be a notorious source of contention. Enter the passive-aggressive note, a classic move. Yet, if you can inject some creativity into it, maybe it becomes a bit more bearable. This note, likely a last resort after multiple requests, adds a touch of flair to the age-old battle of shared household chores.


Picture yourself all set to enjoy a meal, and you want to keep your spoon to yourself. So, someone had this brilliant idea – they designated a specific spoon just for their own use. It’s like having a personal utensil to make sure things stay clean and simple. Clever, right? And here’s the amusing part – they missed a golden opportunity to shout “SPOON SPOON!” It’s possible they drew inspiration from Seinfeld, the show famous for George’s double-dipping incident. If that doesn’t ring a bell, you might want to check out Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 19.

Sorry Not Sorry

In a workplace tale, an employee needed some time off for personal reasons, but their boss didn’t seem too understanding. In response, the employee delivered a sarcastic “sorry, not sorry” apology. It might seem a bit harsh, but perhaps it serves as a lesson for the boss – treating your team with kindness, especially during tough times, is key. After all, a happy team often translates to a happy workplace environment, doesn’t it?


A Real Funny Guy

Imagine finding what looks like a ticket on your car windshield and feeling your heart sink. Well, someone played a prank, and the reason behind it remains a mystery – could it be revenge or just a joke between friends? We might not know how the person who received the fake ticket reacted, but one thing’s for sure – they didn’t just ignore it. The prank ended up being shared on social media, making it hard to escape the spotlight.

Touching Reindeers

This note isn’t a polite request; it’s a demand – hands off the reindeer mug! To its owner, this mug is like Santa’s personal drinking vessel, crafted in Lapland mines. Someone dared to touch it, and luckily, it was just a touch. Can you imagine the awkwardness during coffee time after that?

A Well Deserved Goodbye

This resignation letter doesn’t beat around the bush. No apologies, no sugarcoating – it’s a direct message. It’s like a wake-up call for employers. Treat your staff right, and maybe you won’t receive letters like this one. It could be a call for improved work conditions and a reminder to value employees.

Grumpy Cat’s Disapproval

Grumpy Cat, with that adorable yet grumpy face, is not pleased. Someone took someone else’s parking spot, and Grumpy Cat is not having it. If Grumpy Cat says it’s wrong, then it must be. We hope the message got through, and the car moved – for the sake of the cat, at least! This clever note using Grumpy Cat serves as a reminder to respect others’ spaces.



So, someone’s been using Post-It notes with “really?” on them. Why? Are they store-bought or did someone make them? Anyway, it’s clear the dishes are causing issues at home, hence the notes. Maybe they’re meant to be a funny reminder for those who forget their dishes. The person leaving the notes is probably just frustrated with the mess, and a little reminder can help. It’s important to talk about these issues calmly and respectfully, and sometimes, creative notes like these can get the point across.

Flickr Photo By Adam Kuban

Some Sarcasm

Sarcasm can be a good way to make a point without being too mean. Like, instead of a simple note asking not to park too far out, it’s more like, “Did you seriously do that?” It might sting a bit, but maybe the note-writer feels justified in their complaint. It’s like a passive-aggressive note born from frustration. Can’t blame them, and maybe we need more notes like this in the future.

Stick it to the Man

If a boss expects employees to follow rules, they should too, right? The whole “do as I say, not as I do” thing isn’t cool. A boss should set an example, but this boss didn’t, and now their store is closed with an angry note on the door. Not the way to handle things.

A Secret Message

Kudos to whoever went all out to secretly share their feelings about the boss. It’s like a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it situation. The creativity is impressive, and the ticket idea is spot on. The boss might never find out, but when the employee doesn’t show up after their notice is over, they’ll catch on eventually. Wonder how long it took the boss to find that note!

Called out HARD!

Awkward alert! Just because someone is attractive doesn’t mean you ignore their partner or friends. This waiter probably didn’t get a good tip, and it’s a legit reason. No matter how good the food and service were, the latter wasn’t up to par. Equality in all couple-related matters, folks!

Unnecessary Update

Leaving a note after clogging a toilet may be embarrassing, but it’s the right thing to do. The person was considerate, updating others before they found the mess. The note hints they might not have felt well, which is a good reason for the mishap. While assuming others care about their feelings might be a bit naive, the note is a responsible act to save others from an unpleasant surprise.

Sweet or Creepy

Alright, so there’s this note from a guy in a blue shirt in class. Is it sweet or kinda creepy? Well, that’s for you to decide. Seems like he’s trying to compliment the class hottie without saying his name. Yep, it’s from the guy in the blue shirt. No need for names, apparently. Maybe he could’ve gone with “You look cute” or “Wanna grab a drink?” instead. But hey, some might blush at this cheeky pickup line. It’s a hit or miss, we guess.

Muffin or Doorknob?

Imagine losing a doorknob, and your neighbor claims they found it while trippin’ pretty hard. Now, he thought it was a muffin. What did he do with it? Try to eat it? Realize it’s not a muffin? So many questions, so few answers! Lesson learned: trying to eat a doorknob? You’ll probably chip or break your teeth. Ouch!


Seems Uncalled for

You know when someone leaves their car door open by accident? Usually, people either close it (good samaritans) or steal your stuff (not-so-good samaritans). But this note is a whole different story. Why would someone see an open car door and leave a note like this? It’s pretty strange. If we were the driver, we’d probably just get a new car.

Anonymous Words of Wisdom

Sometimes, we all need a little pick-me-up, right? So, there’s this anonymous note saying wherever you are in life is just fine. Life’s like a puzzle, full of pieces that create a beautiful picture. We’re all figuring it out as we go, and a reminder that you’re doing fine is always nice. Maybe more notes like this should be left around, or even some puzzles – they’re actually pretty fun!

A Very Polite Printer

Sometimes, it’s fun to imagine things like printers having personalities. The person who wrote this note made the printer seem like a kind, old fellow who just couldn’t keep going. A lot of printers are old and get replaced by newer ones, you know? How can you be mad at a printer that worked for 14 years? We like this note style, and maybe people should use it more with electronics. Or maybe, the printer itself wrote the note as a sort of end-of-life message. Who knows?

Photo By Zoe Karbe

If You Gotta Eavesdrop…

Eavesdropping – not the nicest thing, right? But sometimes, you can’t help it. In this story, the eavesdropper did something different. They left a note that admitted what they did and made the person smile. The eavesdropper meant well, trying to boost someone’s confidence during a tough time. It takes courage to reach out to someone, even if it’s anonymous. Leaving notes with kind words for strangers can really make someone’s day better.

Understandable Quitter

Imagine being attacked by a drunk co-worker at work. It’s not something anyone should go through, right? You’d expect the attacker to face consequences. But in this case, that didn’t happen. The victim decided to call out their boss publicly, and that makes sense. No one should work in a place where their safety is at risk. The public call-out was maybe the only way to make the employer take action.

Facts are Facts

This note has a drawing of a dinosaur, which adds a bit of humor to a serious announcement. It’s not clear why there’s a dinosaur, but it makes the news of quitting a bit more interesting. Regardless, the note sticks to the facts and clearly says the person is quitting. The dinosaur doesn’t take away from the main message – maybe it even makes it more memorable. In situations like these, being clear and direct is important.

The Kindness of Strangers

How lovely is it to hear about people being kind for no reason? Liz paid for a stranger’s parking ticket, just like that. Her generosity not only saved someone from a fine but also made their day brighter. People like Liz, who help others without expecting anything back, are pretty rare. Liz’s kindness inspires others to spread goodness in their communities. Maybe the person who got the ticket paid it forward to someone else, creating a chain of positive actions.

Monster Mash

A note talks about a “monster” in the attic, and it leaves us curious. Workers had to leave quickly after finding it, maybe because it could be dangerous. The note doesn’t say what kind of creature it is – a bat, raccoon, possum, or maybe something otherworldly like an attic goblin? It’s a mystery that needs solving, and until then, it’s better to stay away from that attic!

Without An Ulterior Motive!

Finding kindness without any hidden agenda is refreshing, just like this note. The writer complimented someone without expecting anything back – a rare and admirable thing today. Imagine how much this simple note brightened the recipient’s day. It reminds us that small gestures can have a big impact. More people should be inspired by this note to spread love and positivity.

Save The Squirrels

Even if a woman’s driving damaged her mailbox, we can appreciate her care for wildlife. The note from her husband shows she was trying to avoid hitting an animal, and that’s a good cause. Sadly, the mailbox got ruined, but it’s nice to know there are people who value animals over their own things. The note also shows her husband taking responsibility and making things right.

Number Two Emergency

Leaving a note was the right thing after parking in a no-parking zone. It’s good the driver owned up to their mistake. But, parking where you’re not allowed can be unsafe and inconvenient for others. It’s better to find a proper spot or wait. Hopefully, the driver quickly finished what they were doing and moved the car to a better spot. Let’s all be responsible drivers and considerate, even in emergencies. Cheers to that when we get home!

Bad Barista

Getting coffee that doesn’t meet your expectations can be really annoying. While the note might seem a bit mean, the person writing it might have gotten bad coffee from this barista many times before. Maybe the barista is new or needs more training. Either way, service workers, like baristas, should try their best to give customers good experiences. Hopefully, this note helps the baristas realize they need to do better because bad coffee in the morning is no fun.

Deserving of a Mean Glare

Imagine someone trying to steal all the books from a free library. That’s what happened here. The note talks about a person who wants to share books with the community, but someone is being selfish and taking them all. The note asks fellow book lovers to keep an eye out for this person and give them disapproving looks. It’s a funny way to say, “Hey, don’t do that!” It shows how a community can come together over something as simple as sharing books.

Free Labor

Shoveling snow is hard work, and coming home to find someone took your parking spot is just disheartening. The note left for the parking spot thief isn’t too harsh; it could have been worse. Maybe the driver will think twice before doing it again.

We’re All Human

The note-writer has a dry sense of humor. They’re telling the driver to be more considerate, but with a touch of sarcasm. Whether they’re British or just like British English, the message is clear: remember you’re sharing the road with others who have their own schedules.

Parking Blind

Leaving a rude note about someone’s parking, especially making fun of a disability, is never okay. This note crosses the line by comparing the parking to Stevie Wonder’s vision. It’s insensitive and inappropriate. We should be more considerate and respectful of others, no matter their abilities.

Public Relationship Issues

The note suggests that a couple’s loud arguments are affecting their neighbors. It shows the frustration of someone who has to hear these fights. It’s not a good situation, and the couple needs to work on their communication. The hope is that they can resolve their issues and bring some peace back to the building.


It’s really not cool to hit someone’s car and then sneak away without leaving a note. That’s just not how you should treat people. But, in this case, a good Samaritan stepped in. They saw what happened and left a note with some basic info about the person who caused the damage. So, when the car owner contacts their insurance, they’ll have some clues about who’s responsible. It’s not the car owner or the one who did the hitting, but a third party making this note special.


Imagine your car getting a ticket because it’s been parked too long. But wait, the owner says their car door is frozen shut, and they can’t move it. It’s like a scene from the movie “Frozen,” but with a car. There are ways to unfreeze a car door, but maybe next time, they should try WD40. Or, you know, consider moving to a warmer place or getting a new car. Those are options.

Feeling Like a Star

Sometimes, when people park where they shouldn’t, a bit of sarcasm can be helpful. It might not solve the problem, but a sarcastic remark can let them know they’re causing issues. The use of all caps in a warning note about a car parked in a risky spot suggests the writer isn’t too confident about the car’s safety. They might be saying, “Hey, if something happens, it’s not on me.”

Stealing a Man’s Cup

Stealing is just wrong, but taking something as personal as a man’s package protector is on a different level. This item is important for comfort, and stealing it is not just about property; it’s invading personal space. The note suggests the thief deserves a bit of payback in a sport that involves physical retaliation. It’s like saying, “Hope you learn your lesson.”

With Hate

Sarcasm can work wonders, even when you’re angry about your trash cans being moved to the park. Instead of being harsh, the note uses polite words but still manages to get the message across. It’s frustrating when someone messes with your trash cans, and this note is a clever way of saying, “Don’t do it again.” It’s like revenge served with a touch of sarcasm.

The Passive-Aggressive Smiley Face

Getting a note from your neighbor about needing a permit for your garage might be a bit annoying. But hey, there’s a smiley face at the end! That little smiley might make things less tense. It’s like saying, “Hey, we’re just looking out for each other, no hard feelings.” The note sounds friendly and open, suggesting the neighbors are cool and ready to talk things out. So, even if it started with rules, it’s ending on a happy note.

Toilet Problems

Imagine ordering a bunch of toilet paper and getting a note with it. That’s what happened here. The note might be hiding inside the toilet paper box, or maybe it’s on the outside, catching the delivery person’s eye. Either way, it’s like a funny touch to the order. It’s not just about the toilet paper; it’s a note that adds a bit of humor to a basic delivery.

Sir Rex

Ever had a problem with a car alarm going off for no reason? It’s seriously annoying. But this note is something else. It’s like a fancy complaint letter, and it’s signed by Sir Tyrannosaurus Rex, complete with a top hat and wine glass. The person who wrote this note is making a complaint in a really proper way. It’s like saying, “Excuse me, my good sir, your car alarm is quite bothering us.”

My Anaconda Note

Getting a note about a lost 7-foot snake sounds pretty intense. But wait, Nick says it was an accident! He’s assuring everyone it’s no big deal. Now, that’s an interesting note to receive. It’s like a mix of concern and maybe a bit of humor. Was it a prank, or did Nick really lose a huge snake by mistake? Either way, it’s a note that definitely grabs attention.

A Particular Set of Skills

Imagine someone channeling their inner Liam Neeson from “Taken” but not to rescue a kidnapped family member. Instead, it’s a serious warning for someone who can’t park! This note playfully borrows lines from the movie to say, “Park properly or face consequences.” It’s a funny twist on a famous quote, turning a movie threat into a parking reminder.

Blatant Warning

Finding a note about leaving your door unlocked can be alarming. A neighbor went the extra mile to warn about potential intruders. While it might startle you, it’s clear the neighbor cares about safety. It’s a reminder to be careful and appreciate watchful neighbors. Safety first, even if the note gives you a moment of surprise.

Just Letting You Know

Starting your day with a note about squirrels attempting romance in your car is… interesting. The note is a mix of friendly and cheeky vibes. It’s hard to say if the notewriter was just having fun or genuinely concerned about your car becoming a squirrel love nest. Either way, it’s a unique morning greeting!

Ring-A-Ding Ding

Enduring a car alarm concert all night deserves a note. This one combines a threat with humor, complete with a little award at the bottom. It’s a creative way to say, “Fix your noisy car or face the consequences.” A note that adds a touch of humor to a noisy situation.

Unlocked WiFi Connection

Nick’s note seems thoughtful, warning about an open WiFi connection. However, there’s a twist—maybe Nick wants to borrow some internet. Regardless, it’s a reminder to secure your WiFi. Even if Nick meant well, using someone’s WiFi without permission is a no-no.

Waving Vengeance

An ominous note from a neighbor can be unsettling. The “Lady of the House” might wonder about her neighbor’s intentions. To ease tension, a friendly wave or greeting could be a good move. Sometimes, a simple gesture can turn an uneasy situation into a friendly one.

Brace Yourselves

In a world post-“Game of Thrones,” a threatening note inspired by the Lannisters adds drama to parking. Comparing the note to the Lannisters’ ruthlessness brings humor into the situation. It’s like saying, “Park carefully or face a medieval-style consequence.” A note that turns a parking warning into a “Game of Thrones” scenario.

Snorkel Not Included

Imagine the disappointment of finding a love note on your car only to realize it wasn’t meant for you. The note suggests a lack of giving neighbors the benefit of the doubt, choosing a sarcastic and potentially hurtful approach. It reflects a quick judgment and a failure to consider unintended recipients’ feelings. The situation reveals how assumptions can lead to misunderstandings and negative emotions.

The unintended recipient may feel awkward or embarrassed, impacting their relationship with the note writer. The note’s impact goes beyond the intended message, highlighting the importance of communication and empathy. It serves as a cautionary tale about making assumptions without understanding the full context.


Best Note Ever

Leaving clothes in a shared dryer can be frustrating, but Max from 3F turns shared living into a pleasant experience. Max’s creativity extends beyond artistic pursuits, showcasing his thoughtfulness by folding neighbors’ sheets. His actions foster a positive community atmosphere, making him an appreciated neighbor. The note applauds Max’s ability to enhance communal living through small but considerate gestures.

Max’s behavior sets an example for creating harmony in shared spaces, emphasizing the impact of individual actions on the overall living experience. The note serves as both appreciation for Max and an encouragement for others to adopt a similar thoughtful approach.

Move Away Maybe

Dealing with passive-aggressive behavior can be challenging, but a sarcastic note about “adding some color” injects humor into the situation. The note humorously addresses the issue of inconsiderate behavior, using a musical reference to lighten the tone. The writer’s creativity shines through the well-crafted note, adding an entertaining twist to a potentially tense situation.

While the note may not necessarily change the neighbor’s behavior, it showcases the writer’s talent for humor and clever communication. The use of irony and wit demonstrates a unique approach to addressing conflicts, emphasizing the power of creative expression in interpersonal communication. The note encourages a lighthearted perspective on disagreements, fostering a more positive neighborly interaction.

Photo By Zoe Karbe

BMW State of Mind

The note humorously addresses the stereotypes associated with BMW owners, highlighting a situation where a driver took up unnecessary parking space. The writer, identifying as a “worthless Toyota driver,” playfully engages in a bit of friendly banter. The note exemplifies the use of humor to convey a message about parking etiquette without escalating tensions.

It reflects the universal frustration with parking space issues while injecting a touch of self-deprecating humor. Despite the light-hearted tone, the note subtly conveys a reminder about respecting shared spaces and being considerate of others. The humor serves as a bridge for communication, making the message more approachable and less confrontational.

The Dog Park

The note humorously addresses a situation where a dog seems to be occupying a parking spot. It emphasizes the scarcity of parking spaces and the need for the car owner to have access to that specific spot. The note uses playful language, suggesting that the dog will “get the memo” once it reads the note on the windshield.

This adds a whimsical touch to a common frustration, turning a potential conflict into a humorous exchange. The note highlights the importance of communication, even in light-hearted ways, to address shared living challenges. It provides a creative and entertaining perspective on an everyday issue, encouraging a more positive and light-hearted approach to problem-solving.


Malcolm’s note expresses a sense of satisfaction and serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of negative behavior. The note suggests that Malcolm might have experienced a situation where he needed assistance, and his joy comes from seeing karma in action. It underscores the importance of being kind and understanding towards neighbors, as one never knows when their help might be needed.

The note serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of community living and the potential long-term effects of one’s behavior. It encourages readers to reflect on their actions and consider the impact they may have on their relationships with neighbors. The message reinforces the idea that treating others with kindness can lead to positive outcomes in the long run.

I’ll Monster Truck You

Few things are as frustrating as having your car blocked, especially when it makes you late for work. This person was so upset that they left an intimidating note threatening to monster truck the offender. Now, we’re not sure how realistic the threat is, but it shows just how angry someone can get over blocked parking.

Monster trucks are big and powerful, making the note both funny and a bit scary. If this happens again, the consequences might be serious. Most of us can relate to the frustration of being blocked in, even if we don’t have access to a monster truck.

Letting the Whole Neighborhood See

Privacy is important, especially when we’re at our most intimate. Imagine getting a note in your mailbox gently telling you that your curtains might not be doing their job. It’s a mortifying situation, realizing that your neighbors saw more than you intended. The note is a polite way of saying, “Hey, your privacy might be at risk here.” It’s a good reminder to test how much your curtains reveal, and maybe invest in some heavier drapes or turn off the lights. Everyone deserves a bit of privacy, even if it’s unintentionally lost.

Not Sure How We’d Take This One

Imagine receiving a note from someone bragging about working on a 147-acre farm at the age of ten. It’s a bit odd, to say the least. The note goes on to say some complimentary things but also makes the recipient, J, uncomfortable. It’s a mix of boasting and awkwardness. Compliments are nice, but this note might make J want to carry a weapon. It’s a lesson in giving compliments without coming off as obsessed or making the other person feel uneasy.

Kinda Looks Like a Baby Ruth

A new employee brings brownies to share on their first day. Sweet, right? Well, the brownies have a unique shape, and it turns out they were meant to resemble a particular bodily function. The humor might be lost on some, especially in a workplace setting. It’s a lesson in considering the appropriateness of your jokes, even if you think they’re funny. The note highlights the importance of being mindful of the context when trying to make a statement.

A Very Heavy Note

A handwritten note reveals deep sadness or dissatisfaction with life. Despite the heavy content, the person has good handwriting. It’s a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and someone who seems okay might be struggling. The note raises questions about whether it’s just teenage angst or a more prolonged sense of dread. Changing scenery is a common way people try to lift themselves out of a funk, but it doesn’t always work. The note expresses a mix of sorrow and attachment to the place.

We Think This One Might Be a Little Unreal

Someone finds a note claiming it was wedged into their door, but it seems a bit too self-promotional. References to Reddit and karma suggest it might be a fake note, possibly created to gain internet popularity. It’s a reminder that not everything online is genuine, and people can create stories for attention. Cynicism can sometimes cloud our judgment, but it’s essential to approach online content with a healthy dose of skepticism. Broken inside or not, some people just refuse to believe anything without solid proof.

They Can Get Quite Hot

A hair dryer is meant for your hair, not for other things like drying off items in a gym locker room. This note tells us that misusing the hair dryer can lead to safety issues and melted stuff. Management might not be happy if things get damaged, and people might want replacements. There’s also a hygiene concern, so it’s a polite reminder to use the hair dryer only for your head hair. It’s a lesson in respecting shared facilities and using things for their intended purpose.

We’re So Sorry About Your Ebb and Flow

Sometimes, people leave notes to complain about parking issues. This note is a bit wordy but essentially says, “You’re parking where I don’t like, and I’m making up reasons for you to move.” It might be about street parking or blocking someone’s property. We’ve probably all faced a parking problem, so we might relate to the frustration. However, this note seems a bit mean-spirited with its use of “ebb and flow.” It’s a reminder to communicate politely about parking concerns.

No, Daddy Loves You More Than That

A dad builds a blackboard for his daughters to leave notes, and a neighbor borrows something, leaving a questionable message on the board. It’s unclear if the daughters wrote it, but it’s hard to write well on a blackboard. The note brings up the mystery of whether Daddy kept or removed the message. It’s a humorous look at unexpected messages and interactions in a neighborhood, adding a touch of family dynamics and community humor.

Hiding the Truth

A coaster raises the question of when a love for alcohol becomes a problem. Microbreweries and pubs can mask the issue for a while, but even those enjoying fancy beers might realize they need help. The note suggests a lighthearted tone, but it also touches on the serious topic of alcohol dependence. It’s a reminder that some people might need support, and it’s okay to seek help when necessary.

The Right Kind of Note to Leave

Workplace theft from the communal fridge can be frustrating. This note tells a story of someone taking a soda but being willing to replace it. The reasons behind the initial theft remain unknown, but the note praises Justin for making amends. It’s a positive example of rectifying a mistake and owning up to it. The note highlights the importance of communication and responsibility in shared spaces.

They’re Sometimes Food, People

A candy dish can boost morale at work, but it often gets emptied quickly because people love candy. This note humorously addresses the love for candy and the disappointment of finding an empty dish. It’s a playful take on the common scenario of candy disappearing fast, depending on the size of the workplace. The note adds a touch of humor to the universal love for sweets and the occasional candy dish emptiness.

We’re Amazed This Note Had to Be Written

Public bathrooms can be tricky for some folks who might not understand the basic concept of a locked door. The note humorously points out the obvious – if the door is locked, someone is using the stall. It sheds light on the challenges some people face in shared spaces. Individuals accustomed to more privacy might get rattled when someone attempts to open a locked door. The note serves as a gentle reminder to exercise common sense and respect in public restrooms.

Like From a Detective Show

A playful note featuring a pineapple drawing and a quirky compliment raises a smile. The note, written on stationery, cleverly leaves an imprint on the next page, reminiscent of detective shows. While the content might seem random, the humorous approach adds a touch of fun to everyday interactions. The drawing of a pineapple wearing sunglasses enhances the lighthearted tone. It’s a reminder that notes can be creative and entertaining, even if the message is simple and sweet.

Not So Much an Announcement as a Notification

Neighbours, noticing a glass installation mishap, opt for a sophisticated note to address the issue. The note delicately informs about the privacy concern without embarrassing the occupants. It highlights the importance of attention to detail when installing glass, especially in shared spaces. The note strikes a balance between addressing the problem and maintaining a level of courtesy. It serves as a considerate notification rather than a confrontational announcement.

Don’t Leave This Kind of Thing Out in the Open

A cautionary note advises against leaving valuable items in hotel rooms where housekeepers might spot them. While acknowledging not all housekeepers are thieves, the note suggests taking precautions. The mention of a 3DS adds a relatable touch, emphasizing the need for personal responsibility. The note implies that displaying expensive items openly could be tempting fate, even if most housekeepers are honest.

Things That Go Bang in the Night

The note reflects the challenges of apartment living, specifically the disturbances that affect sleep. A rhythmic knocking sound, likely from above, becomes a major source of frustration. The note delicately addresses the issue of noise disturbances in shared spaces. It captures the struggle of dealing with disruptive neighbours and the difficulty of addressing such matters.

And a Handy Gift at the Same Time

A humorous note accompanies a not-so-nice gift for someone occupying three parking spots. The note combines sarcasm and directness to express displeasure. The addition of a condom as a tongue-in-cheek aid adds a humorous element. It’s a unique approach to addressing parking issues with a blend of humor and a touch of passive-aggression.

The Book was Better

A note left inside a copy of “The Hobbit” serves as a warning to those expecting the book to mirror the movie trilogy. The note encourages readers to appreciate the original work for what it is. It reflects the sentiment of readers disappointed by movie adaptations. The note adds a personal touch to the book-buying experience, offering insights and recommendations.

The Kind of Note an LT Would Write

A straightforward note addresses the issue of a missing dime with a touch of military formality. The note reflects the frustration of needing exact change and the inconvenience caused by the absence of a dime. It adds a touch of military humor, suggesting the note might be written by an officer. The note serves as a relatable glimpse into the daily challenges of military life.

A Time of Sticking Together

In a heartwarming note, a Domino’s delivery person goes beyond the call of duty. The note expresses sympathy and support for a person dealing with illness, showcasing empathy in challenging times. It emphasizes the positive impact small gestures, like delivering pizza with a comforting note, can have on someone’s day. The note reflects the spirit of solidarity and kindness during difficult periods. It serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and understanding.

Telling You a Lot About the Room

Discovering a peculiar note inside a hotel robe adds a twist to the story. The note was found unwashed, indicating the robe hadn’t been cleaned. A prior guest had left a message highlighting the hotel’s insufficient washing practices, a common concern in many hotels. It humorously points out that even items close to a person’s skin might not receive proper cleaning. The note sheds light on the cleanliness standards in hotels, creating a mix of surprise and amusement.

Candy Can Stay Over Anytime

An endearing note recounts a guest named Candy who, after a night of drinking, ended up sleeping on a friend’s couch. The morning after, Candy surprised everyone by cleaning the apartment, including washing dishes, cleaning the stove, and taking out the trash. The note emphasizes Candy’s thoughtful actions and even includes a charming drawing of the apartment’s residents. It portrays Candy as an ideal and considerate party guest, leaving a positive impact on the hosts.

Love Notes for the Modern Era

Modern love notes take a digital twist, expressing a desire for a smile through a phone screen. The note reflects the changing times, where technology, particularly smartphones, plays a role in romantic expressions. Despite a minor misspelling, the note captures the essence of a heartfelt message in the context of contemporary communication. It suggests a younger generation’s inclination towards digital interactions and highlights the impact of technology on expressing affection.

Succeeding in Only Raising More Suspicion

A note humorously implies suspicion about the contents of a garbage can, suggesting a lighthearted approach to a common sight in hunting areas. While the note adds a playful touch, it also touches on the idea of disposing of unwanted items discreetly. The humorous tone contributes to the note’s effectiveness, making it more entertaining than confrontational. It reflects a unique way of addressing the disposal of items without delving into actual investigations.

Everything Is Grosser Than You Imagine

The note draws attention to hygiene concerns in restaurants, specifically focusing on Parmesan cheese shakers. A disturbing incident involving a person licking a shaker raises awareness about potential health risks. The note suggests a need for better cleaning practices in establishments, prompting readers to reconsider hygiene standards. It combines humor and concern to convey a message about the importance of cleanliness in shared spaces.

Bringing the Bike Back

A note accompanies the return of a borrowed bike by a person who blacked out and needed transportation. The note includes an apology and an explanation, revealing the person’s intention to return the bike despite the unusual circumstances. It adds a touch of humanity to a potentially negative situation, showcasing the person’s sense of responsibility. The note reflects a unique scenario involving a borrowed item and the unexpected turn of events.

Pretty Good Handwriting for Someone Like That

A hungover and possibly still drunk individual manages to write a note with surprisingly good handwriting. The note, addressed to a pizza delivery person, reflects a level of self-respect after a wild night. It adds a humorous touch to a common scenario involving late-night pizza deliveries. The note’s content and tone provide a glimpse into the person’s state of mind during the writing process.

A Critical Part of the Process

The note humorously addresses a misunderstanding about Lego sets, emphasizing the need for assembly. It highlights the joy of building Lego creations and challenges the misconception that these toys come pre-assembled. The note adds a playful touch to a common experience among Lego enthusiasts, showcasing the satisfaction derived from constructing the sets.

No Choice but to Turn the Volume Down

A strongly worded note addresses repetitive and annoying sounds disrupting the peace of the neighborhood. The note criticizes the individual responsible, mocks their music choices, and even suggests a violation of the law. While the tone may be intense, the note aims to make the noisy neighbor reflect on their impact. It represents a more assertive approach to resolving noise issues in a residential setting.

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