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Killer Flu Warning: Scientists Warn of 300 Million Deaths

Experts have warned that a flu virus, which the world hasn’t seen in ages, is probably overdue and that it could be more deadly than anthrax or smallpox diseases.

Thought flu season was past us? Think again.

A top scientist has claimed that an impending flu pandemic has the ability to cause 33million deaths in a matter of just 200 days. Worse, the experts have further warned that the in the face of the spread of what they term as the ‘’killer flu virus’’, humanity would be powerless.

Professor Robert Dingwall, who is considered an authority on flu virus, has advised people to cover their mouth when they sneeze and wash their hands to stop the virus from spreading. However, he has warned that even these measures might prove to be inadequate.

His doomsday warning has come just days after Dr. Jonathan Quick, the Chairperson of the Global Health Council, warned of a deadly flu mutation which could take place any day before becoming the deadliest pandemic in the history of mankind.

Underlining why the humanity is so vulnerable to the threat of the flu, Professor Dingwall told The Sun: ‘’Flu is very infectious and there is nothing much you can do to stop it moving about the planet.

People tried in 2009 with screening at airports but it doesn’t work because people are infectious for around four days before they get symptoms.’’

The warning of Professor Dingwall has come days after Dr. Quick warned that a global virus pandemic – which has the potential to kill 300 million people in two years, is coming.

Pointing towards a doomsday scenario, he further warned that at its extreme, the flu might cause worldwide shortage of food and medicine, causing the global economy to collapse, with looting and starvation ravaging parts of the world.

Dr. Quick further warns that it is a mutation of an avian flu that could cause the abovementioned destruction. That mutation could easily mix with influenza in wild animals – where it gets more powerful – before it reaches humans.

One such strain, which the scientists call as the “Aussie Flu’’ – because it originated in Australia, has already appeared, resulting in 40% increase in flu-related deaths in the UK and the US.

Dr. Quick warns the society from purchasing cheap meat from factory farms, which he refers to as the ‘’fetid incubators of disease’’. He credits the same farms for the birth of H1N1 swine flu in 2009, which killed more than 575,000 people worldwide.

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