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John Oliver Rebukes Trump Over His Administration’s Border Child Separation Policy

The host of “Last Week Tonight” kicked off the weekly show with a blistering rebuke of Trump administration’s Immigration Strategy which separates children from parents.

John Oliver started “Last Week Tonight” by discussing the previous week for President Trump that included the president meeting with what Oliver called “Cutie Patootie” Kim Jong Un.

Responding to the President’s tweet in which he said that there is “no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea”, Oliver couldn’t help but compare the president to Grim Reaper.

“Donald Trump telling me I can sleep well tonight is like the Grim Reaper telling me to Have a Happy Birthday,” Oliver said. “His presence is the reason I will not.”

The “deal” which President Donald Trump managed to strike with the North Korean leader was pretty underwhelming, to say the least.

Even though the American president announced to end America’s military drills with South Korea, the North Korean leader wasn’t so forthcoming regarding the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Responding to the same, Oliver noted that it is Trump’s strength to deliver something that isn’t actually good as great. He further called the deal as an “ice cream blow job.”

One thing which surprised neutral observers was the way the American president defended Kim Jong Un in the wake of the summit. He called Kim a “great negotiator” who is “very smart”, “a funny guy” and a “great personality”.

“I’m not going to say that part of Trump’s admiration for Kim is that he wishes he could be a dictator,” Oliver explained. “I’m going to let him say that.”

Oliver then played a line from Trump’s recent interview with “Fox & Friends” in which the President called Kim a “strong head” of North Korea. He also spoke with admiration as to how people of North Korea “sit up at attention” when Kim speaks, before expressing his wish of American people “doing the same”.

Or, as Oliver put it, “ The President of the United States expressed the wish the people of the United States would model themselves after the malnourished population of North Korea.”

“It’s clear that the president wishes he were a dictator, which is a dire realization, right up there with ‘The robots have become sentient,’ or ‘the cat has power of attorney.’ How the fuck did we get here?”

The host of “Last Week Tonight” then turned his attention to the growing outrage which follows Trump administration’s strategy to separate children from parents. Although the president wants to blame the Democrats for the law, Oliver was having none of that.

Cue Oliver: “Democrats did not give them these laws, because—and I cannot stress this enough—there is no law that suddenly required separating parents from their children. This is a result of a deliberate policy choice by Jeff Sessions.”

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