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Jason Momoa’s Comic Timing Makes Couple’s Picture Memorable

It seems from his comments that the wit of the Aquaman is as impressive as his physical power.

In case you think that Jason Momoa is just a pretty face, the Aquaman has got a great sense of humor too.

Have doubts? Look no further than the photo which he had with a married couple at the Denver Comic Con last week.

The photo, which has now gone viral, was posted on Reddit by a user named twoforjoy over the weekend. It shows her posing with the 38-year-old “Aquaman” star, with her husband standing some distance away from her, and Momoa’s hand smashing his face.

That wasn’t however, the best part about the photo. After it was printed, the couple asked Momoa to ink his signature over it. Momoa did the same, albeit, it was right over her husband’s face where Momoa left his signature.

Liz, the women who could be seen in the photo, told Huffington Post that she wanted a photo alone with Momoa, who also played Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones”.

“I wouldn’t say that I have a crush on him,” she told HuffPost. “He’s just an extremely attractive human being — as pretty much anyone with working eyeballs can objectively agree.”

Her husband, who had accompanied her to the Comic-Con festival, knew about the wish of his wife. Still, since they had spent close to $100 to have a photo with Momoa, the couple decided to improvise.

Therefore, at the last moment, they asked Momoa whether he’d do a classic prom photo pose with Liz, while her husband stood “Photoshopping distance away” according to Liz.

“‘Hell yeah!’ was [Momoa’s] immediate response,” told Liz.

Still, it wasn’t until the printout of the photo came out that the couple noticed about Momoa’s epic face smash. Afterward, they both decided that the photo won’t be complete until they get it autographed by the “Aquaman” star.

To which Jason didn’t object as he gleefully left his signature over Liz’s husband’s face, though at the request of Liz’s husband.

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