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Jason Momoa: I’d Love to Play Kratos from ‘God Of War’ Game

Although the video game ‘God of War’ hasn’t been released to the public yet, its critics have showered the video game with praise due to its graphics, missions, and storyline.

Jason Momoa, the star whose film ‘Aquaman’ is due to be released later this year, has expressed his wish to play the role of Kratos from the ‘God of War’ video game.

Called as the Crown Jewel of PS4 by Forbes, the ‘God of War’ is an adventure video game whose first version was released in March 2005. The story is based on Greek mythology where a Spartan soldier, Kratos, is tasked by ancient Greek goddess Athena to find the Pandora’s Box.

While the first seven versions of the movie revolved around Greek mythology, the eighth version which is due to be released later this year would revolve around Norse mythology.

So popular has this game become over the years that Sony entered into a joint venture with Facebook to develop its text-based version which was released in February this year.

Having said that, it’s the PS4 version of the game which will be released later this year. And if its early-bird reviews are anything to go by, the upcoming version will be as successful as its predecessors.

Still, despite the movie enjoying so much popularity, we haven’t heard any plans of turning it into a Hollywood movie. That, though, wasn’t enough to deter Jason Momoa who has expressed his wish to play Kratos should God of War be turned into a movie.

Jason expressed his wish during a Comic Con event last year when a fan asked whether he is aware of the series.

“Do I know God of War?’’ Jason said, before commenting, ‘’Yeah, the guy with the white paint… I would love to play him.”

Eager to get an unequivocal answer from him, the fan once again prodded Jason. He asked the Aquaman that if Sony contacted him in future, would he consider playing Kratos.

“Hell, yeah!” was the response of Jason Momoa.

While all God of War fans would love to play the real-life adaptation of Kratos, it seems fair to note that only Jason has the physique to emulate the demigod.

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