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Instagram: Henry Cavill Posts “Tribute” to His Moustache

Think your goodbyes are painful? This Video of Henry Cavill in which he pays a moving tribute to his now shaved moustache would force you to think again.

The video which Henry Cavill posted on his Instagram account has everything: scintillating close-ups, high-quality production, and a beautiful soundtrack. But there’s one thing you won’t find in it: Cavill’s moustache.

Nicknamed ‘’KingStache’’ last month by Cavill himself, Henry had sported the moustache to play the role of August Walker in the upcoming ‘’Mission: Impossible -Fallout’’.

His now deceased moustache caused a not-so-small crisis at Warner Bros. Studios in 2017. Last year, when the actor returned to ‘’Justice League’’ reshoots, Warner Bros. insisted that the moustache he had grown in the meantime be shaven.

There was, however, one problem: Paramount Studios insisted that his moustache was vital to the role which Cavill was to play in ’Mission: Impossible -Fallout’’. Hence, it could not be shaved. Period!

This scenario left Warner Bros. scrambling to get creative: they digitally removed his upper-lip friend in post-production. However, that digital trickery resulted in some less-than-ideal shots of Superman where his upper lip was blurred up.

In the wake of such drama, therefore, Henry had every right to bid a grand farewell to his upper-lip companion. And guess what? He did just that.

“Hello, don’t be alarmed. It’s me, Henry Cavill,’’ he says in his Instagram Video. “But now, completely clean-shaven. I know, it’s hard to recognize me without KingStache.’’

‘’He’s really gone. I can tell you this though, I will remember him, always,” posted Henry, before finishing his post with the hashtag ‘’ ShavedButNotForgotten”.

Henry Cavill in ‘’Mission Impossible”

In the upcoming ’Mission: Impossible -Fallout’’ – which is the sixth edition of the long-running ‘’Mission Impossible’’ Franchise, Neville would be sporting his now deceased moustache to play the role of a badass martial artist.

The ‘’Mission Impossible’’ series, now due for its sixth installment, has continued to enjoy a strong and positive response from the public. For instance, its last installment, ‘’Rogue Nation’’, was able to garner a hefty sum of $682.7 million at the box office.

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