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Hey Men! would you wear a Crop Top For Men?

As weird as it sounds,   is selling a crop top for men.

Despite the fact that crop tops are usually only worn by a very select group of people, ASOS has decided to create a new type of crop top targeted to a very different market- for men!!! ASOS called it the ‘extreme cropped vest’.

The white strip of fabric is from the online shopping giant’s ‘reclaimed vintage-inspired collection’. It comes in three sizes: S, M, L but barely covers the nipples.

The website describes it as ‘when less is more, and ‘fits you just right’.

Never one to stick to convention, the online fashion retailer has just started selling a bright white – and very short – crop top especially for men.

The male crop top is still available on site and for a decent price- if you discount the fact you only get a third of a vest for your hard-earned cash.

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