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Georgia Woman, 72, Arrested for Attacking Pregnant Black Soldier

Judy Tucker was involved in an altercation with a Black female soldier despite being warned by the soldier’s colleague that she was pregnant.

Judy Tucker, a 72-year-old Woman, was arrested in Macon Georgia on Saturday after a camera footage showed her assaulting two female soldiers, one of whom was pregnant.

The shocking video was captured on Saturday night in the parking of Cheddars restaurant in Macon, Georgia. According to the woman who posted the video on social media, the altercation started over a parking spot.

She says that Tucker and her son wanted to park in a spot which was reserved for handicapped persons. The two female soldiers got in their way to stop them which angered the mother-son duo, and the altercation started.

While it began on the outskirts of the restaurant, witnesses claim that Miss Tucker and her son followed the soldiers into the restaurant. Once inside the restaurant, witnesses claim that her son verbally abused the soldiers, shouting ‘does the military let lesbians serve’?

The footage, meanwhile, shows Tucker approaching the soldiers before getting angry when one of them pulls out a phone to record her shenanigans. Tucker could be listened yelling at the soldiers to ‘put that phone down, and telling them they didn’t had the right to ‘take a picture of me’.

Here’s how the conversation unfolded:

The Soldier: ‘First of all, look at me! I’m pregnant! Look at me – You’re pushing a pregnant lady!’

Tucker’s Son: ‘Oh really? By her?’

Tucker then wants to give a justification of her parking in the handicapped spot: ‘Well, my husband is handicapped.’

Though her husband was nowhere in the footage.

Afterward, people in the restaurant came forward and started separating Tucker, her son and her daughter away from the soldiers.

Additional footage which was captured by someone outside the restaurant shows Tucker hauled into a police van after getting arrested. She was shown to be crying as she was being taken away by the Police.

Tucker, who was arrested by the police on battery charges, was then transferred to the Bibb County Jail. She is now released on bail.

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