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‘’Game of Thrones’’ Kit Harrington Claims Sex Harassment Everywhere in Hollywood

Kit Harrington, English actor and producer, better known for his role as Jon Snow in ‘’Game of Thrones’’ has lifted the veil on sexual harassment problems in the Hollywood.

Giving his viewpoint on the sexual harassment claims which has rocked Hollywood, ‘’Game of Thrones’’ actor Kit Harrington has claimed ‘’it is everywhere’’. The 31-year-old British actor opened up on this topic while giving an interview to Sydney Morning Herald.

In the interview, Harrington revealed that the tremors of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey scandal weren’t limited to Hollywood. Instead, he claimed that the British industry felt the jolts as well.

“Within British theatre, there’s been a problem for many years. This is something that has been going on forever, and not just in the States. It’s everywhere.”

In addition to claiming that the sexual harassment problem is ubiquitous, Harrington also revealed that the majority of actors are aware of similar cases. And he pointed the British theatre industry in particular while talking about sexual harassment.

So, should we take it as a hint that the British theatre is also prone to such incidents? After all, it is an open secret that Harrington started his career from a theatre. The first acting role awarded to him was that of Albert in the drama ‘’War of Horse’’ in the National Theatre.

Explaining his earlier statement, he told Sydney Morning Herald, “It’s upsetting and disturbing, but it’s not shocking. I think most actors hear stories, and people in the industry hear stories.

It’s just very hard for people to come out and talk about it. But the doors have been blown open a bit, and we can only be thankful for that.”

Kit Harrington in HBO’s ‘’Gunpowder’’

Harrington had originally sat with the Sydney Morning Herald to discuss his role in “Gunpowder”, a new historical thriller on HBO. In addition to acting, Harrington is also producing the show.

‘’Gunpowder’’ is a three-part miniseries which revolves around the famous Gunpowder plot of 1605. It was a failed scheme on the part of Roman Catholic militants to blow up London’s House of Lords. The militants also schemed to assassinate King James 1, a Protestant, as well as many others.

That attack failed to transpire, and to celebrate its foiling, King James 1 announced a holiday on November 5, the same day on which the attackers had planned to assassinate him.

Over the years, November 5 has evolved into Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire night, to remember the conspirator whose discovery the night before foiled the plan.

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