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Five Innocent Looking Games That Send A Bad Message

In contrast to games like Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto – which all of us know are gory, these games looked innocent from their cover. Dig deep, however, and they reveal their true face.

Ask any gamer worth his salt, and he could count on fingertips games which should be kept away from the children. Worryingly, however, there are games out there which no one thinks are inappropriate for the children, until one dives deep in to see the message they are delivering. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to blow the cover of these games and warn you to buy any such DVD to your home.

Take a look.

Super Mario Sunshine

Long before the majority of internet generation was worried about the parentage of Jon Snow, there was another, an equally puzzling mystery which was brought to our TV Screens by Super Mario Sunshine. In this game, we meet Browser Jr., a distant part of Koopa family to which Mario belongs as well.

As the game goes on, Browser Jr. kidnaps Princess Peach, an incident which forces Super Mario to go on a rampage in order to free the Princess. During the game’s last stage – when Mario apprehends Browser Jr. and asks him the reason of the kidnapping, the latter tells him that it Princess Peach is Mario’s mother.

This revelation leaves us with two possibilities, both of which are equally disturbing. First, if we take Browser Jr.’s claim on face value, how can we justify that the marriage of Princess and Browser produced a half-dragon, half-human hybrid in Mario.

Or, if we don’t believe in Browser Jr.’s words, does his false revelation means that Browser Jr. is suffering from a deep-rooted psychological issue?


Think Pokémon games are all about cute, brightly-colored characters? Think again as beneath the façade of these characters lies an ugly, bloodthirsty truth, one which we condemn whenever we see it in our daily lives but one which the game has obscured.

For, at their very basic levels, what the trainers are doing is enslaving the Pokémon, before forcing them to fight their brethren which are enslaved by other trainers. Worse, in addition to being forced to fight those of their kin, the Pokémon are being kept in a red-and-white ball similar to a virtual cage.

Therefore, to me at least, the Pokémon game is NO different from the everyday cockfighting and dogfighting. The only difference between these ‘games’ and Pokemon is that while the former happen in our real life, Pokémon happens on our TV screens.

The Legend of Zelda Series

Upon its release in the 90s, the audiences were unsure as to how to link one Zelda series with the other – as each new part had a new hero who was seemingly out of touch from his predecessor. It was only in the early 2000s that gamers came to grasp what the link was, and how the film was NOT innocent in actuality.

If you haven’t played the Zelda series, it basically revolves around a boy – whose name is Link – and who is born to fight evil in this world.

In every new part of the Zelda Series, a new hero appears, but the real motive of his life remains the same: that of fighting the evil. And that is here where the actual evil lies.

In contrast to what most of us believe – that our destiny lies in our own hands – this game follows an archaic concept in which the fate of a boy was determined even before his birth.

Tell me, what if the Link boy didn’t want to become a warrior who slays monsters all the time? What if he, for instance, wanted to become a farmer? His fate was decided even before his birth.

Metroid II: Return of Samus

Ever played a game in which the protagonist’s main mission is to wipe out the entire population of a particular species? Yup, such games do exist and it is with sad hearts that we tell you that Metroid II: Return of the Samus is one such video game.

As the game starts, we encounter Samus Aran, the intergalactic heroine of the movie, being handed a mission to travel to the home planet of the Metroid’s, SR388. The purpose of her mission to the planet is to extinguish its entire population so that the Space Pirates cannot use the population as Weapons.

Taking the audacity of the game makers to a whole new level – some say it is their inhumanity – Seamus succeeds in killing the entire population of the planet, bar an infant Metroid whom she chooses to leave alone on the planet.


Even if you hadn’t played the Robin hood game in your childhood, you’d have heard about the Legend. That in which a guy takes money from the lusciously rich and gives it to the needy. Sadly, the ANY RPG (or role-playing game) is exactly the opposite of this tale.

Be it Crono from Chrono Trigger or Link from the Legend of Zelda, the majority of role playing games follow one theme: that in which the hero enters the huts of the villagers and steals everything lying therein.

Think of those villagers from the game for one second. Apart from worrying about dragons – as they live in the dragon-infested medieval world, they now have to worry about a ‘hero’ whose only purpose in life is to steal their belongings.


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