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Five Celebrities Who Are Totally Different In Real Life

Think what you see on TV is what you get in real life? Think again, as when it comes to the world of Hollywood, it’s mostly quite the opposite.

All of us know that celebrities, like us, are human beings with all their follies and weaknesses. However, their on-screen persona conditions our mind to such an extent that we come to believe they are superhumans. That the person who makes us laugh one hour every day on TV is always in a funny mode during their life.

Here are five celebrities whose real-life versions are starkly different from their on-screen personas.

Take a look.

Jimmy Fallon

In contrast to his competitors in the industry, Jimmy Fallon mostly sticks to apolitical humor during his shows, a choice which showcases his go-safe approach. However, as suggested by various news reports, Fallon’s real life is anything but safe.

According to New York Post, Jimmy Fallon is becoming one of the biggest worries of NBC due to his late night drinking habits. Adding to the apprehensions of NBC is the fact that over a span of four months, Fallon suffered three booze-induced injuries, one of which forced those around him to rush Fallon to the hospital so that he could get his hand stitched up.

Michael Jordan

Just like LeBron James in the recent era, Michael Jordan was one of the best-paid athletes in the 20th century. He was so instrumental in his game that millions of American kids wanted to ‘Be Like Mike’ in their childhood. And why wouldn’t they as it was Jordan who single-handed led Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA titles in his prime.

While the television made him a heartthrob of millions, those who know Jordan from his life on the court think otherwise. Take, Steven Kerr, a teammate of Jordan, who was once on the receiving end of a punch coming from Michael. Also, during a game, he called Muggsy Bogues a f**king m******.

John Lennon


For a Beatle who wrote “Give Peace a Chance’’ and “All You Need is Love”, Lennon was only a man of words, and not of action. Behind the camera, he was abusive towards women, cheated on his first wife, and missed most of the childhood of his firstborn.

That said, unlike many other celebrities mentioned in this list, Lennon repented after his 2nd marriage, after which he became a househusband’. Giving an Interview to Playboy Magazine in 1980, Lennon concurred that he was a violent man who ‘’regrets his violence’’ and one who has ‘’learned not to be violent”.

Ben Affleck

Known for his stellar performances in the Batman series, Ben Affleck is one of the best-paid actors and directors in Hollywood.  Still, his on-screen success has done little to tame the demons which Affleck has battled for well over a decade off it.

Take his addiction with alcohol, for instance. So much did his addiction went out of hand that Ben entered rehab in 2001 to clear his mind. In addition to alcohol, gambling is another of his well-documented addiction, as demonstrated by an event during which a casino expelled him for counting cards.

Will Smith

Anybody who believes in rags to riches story cannot hate on Will Smith. The star’s entire life is an emblem that if you work hard and play by the rules, life is going to turn in your favor. Still, despite his hard work, not everyone is in awe of Will’s abilities.

For instance, during one of his breakout comedy shows with Aunt Viv, it was allegedly Will’s attitude that forced the show’s production to change one actress after another. The original Aunt Viva for the first three seasons, Jane Hubert, went so far as to accuse Smith of being disrespectful and egomaniac.

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