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Fart Drama Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

You might not believe it, but a drama which started with a loud fart when the plane was up in the air forced the pilot to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport.

When the Wright Brothers were busy adjusting the aerodynamics of the machine which would once travel from one continent to the other in a matter of hours, they might not have dreamed of the heights which modern aviation has now reached.

Seemingly impossible wonders like thousands of flights a day, in-flight beds and television, onboard Wi-Fi signals, and the guy who forced the pilot to make an emergency landing just because he wouldn’t stop farting.

News reports claim that a Transavia flight which was coming to Amsterdam from Dubai was forced to make a pit stop in Vienna after a fight broke out. And the reason for that fight? A person allegedly won’t stop farting, even when his fellow passengers asked him not to.

The incident started when a passenger apparently kept farting last weekend. Next to him were sitting two Dutchman who didn’t take very well his farting act. Consequently, they asked the man to stop his flatulence, however, the unashamed man refused to back off, and hold back his air.

When the two Dutchmen asked the crew to do something about it, it was less than sympathetic to their complaint. So furious became the fight that the pilot had to intervene, but even his mediation proved to be of little benefit.

Consequently, after numerous warnings to both sides to back down, the Pilot diverted the plane away from its route and towards the Vienna airport.

Following the altercation, two sisters and two men were forcibly removed by the Police which boarded the plane with dogs, on the Vienna airport.

Angry at the treatment they received, both the women are now suing Transavia, alleging that they didn’t have any hand in the disturbance and that their only ‘’fault’’ was sitting in the same row as the ‘’fart man’’ and his nemesis.

Still, all four passengers have now been banned from the low-budget Dutch airline, which claims that the girls were also involved in the fight.

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