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Bad news for the American Fanta Lemon lovers: the favorite summer drink has been discontinued, but you can still find it in the UK.

Social media raged after rumors circulated that the favorite summer drink, Fanta Lemon, had apparently been shelved by the soft drink giants. However, it has since transpired that the discontinuation only applies to US consumers.

The big saga began when one Fanta fan, Beth f., tweeted the brand asking if the drink had been discontinued. The drinks brand seemed to confirm the sad news on Thursday, replying directly to a Lemon Fanta fan: “Sadly, yes, Fanta lemon was discontinued. But, you can check out our 12 flavors at to see what’s available near you.”. Later the commend was deleted.

This prompted angered many fans of the summer drink, who demanded an explanation. The company responded in a subsequent tweet, which has also since been deleted:

Fanta Lemon fans didn’t respond well to the bad news and claimed that the news had “ruined” their summer and left them “heartbroken”.

After stories about the tragic drinks-related news popped-up everywhere, Fanta Twitter account team has been kept busy fending off upset customers.

They’ve been replying to people basically every minute of the day: “While Fanta Lemon is still not available in the US, it has not been discontinued elsewhere! We apologies for any confusion.”

Later, the UK account posted a Boomerang to confirm it’s still available.

The UK Fanta Lemon fan can relax and chill with Fanta Lemon drinks in the next summer.

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