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‘’Family Guy’’ Ridicules Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey In Emmy Mailer

The jibes were taken in a pitch which the creators of ‘’Family Guy’’ mailed to Emmy voters earlier this week.

The creators of ‘’Family Guy’’ have used a pitch mailed exclusively to Emmy voters to take the mickey out of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. The pitch contains a reference to the ‘’Family Guy’’ predictions from yesteryear in which he predicted both the Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein scandals.

The card, which is sent to Emmy voters, has a front note which reads: “We predicted Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein. Open DVD to see who’s next.’’ Once you open it, a mirror is placed inside the letter, reflecting every Emmy voter’s face and jokingly making them a suspect.

The reference which the ‘’Family Guy’’ creators have talked about in their recent letter dates back to Season 4 of ‘’Family Guy’’. Though it was aired in 2005, the scene resurfaced in 2017 in the wake of sexual harassment scandals which rocked the entertainment industry.

In the scene which is posted above, baby Stewie is shown running naked across a shopping mall while screaming, ‘’ “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement!”

The clip circulated on social media immediately after Spacey apologized to Anthony Rapp, the Star Trek actor who accused Spacey of making sexual advances towards him when Rapp was 14.

Explaining the idea behind the scene, Seth MacFarlane, the creator of ‘’Family Guy’’ acknowledges that he doesn’t remember who pitched the idea to him.

He said that at the time the idea was pitched to him, he was the only guy among the writers’ team of ‘’Family Guy’’ who had not heard rumors about the sexual misconduct of Kevin Spacey.

As for Harvey Weinstein, his sexual misconduct was highlighted by Seth MacFarlane while he was announcing the 2013 Oscar nominations for the Best Supporting Actress.

After he had read the names, MacFarlane told the nominees that they deserve congratulations as they no longer had to pretend to ‘’be attracted to Harvey Weinstein’’.

You can watch the clip in which Seth MacFarlane ridicules Harvey Weinstein below.

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