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Elon Musk Posts Photo of His Face Pasted to The Rock’s Body – Dwayne Johnson Commented as Expected

When given the opportunity to photoshop your face to someone else’s body, you most likely to pick a person who is known for his great physique… Names like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and for sure, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Elon Musk, one of the most famous entrepreneurs of our era must appreciate The Rock’s physique because he put his head on Dwayne’s body!

Johnson’s comment was priceless as usual – “He’s. A. Beast. @elonmusk Handsome SOB too!”

Musk answered – “Oh stop, you’ll make me blush.”

But it wasn’t the end, Dwayne continued: “Tequila and steak on me one day, my friend” and Elon ended the conversation by saying: “Thanks, that sounds great!”

Fans couldn’t ignore this text exchange and commented on the post –

“Tequila and steak…that’s true friendship there!”

“You guys… I can’t take anymore.”

“Oh you two lol. WrestleMania Tag Team team up on the cards? Drive out in a Tesla, with Dwayne using a flamethrower out the window as you roll on down to the ring. Make it happen lads.”

“The Rock should drive the Tesla pick up truck during the reveal event. Then free steaks and #Teslaquila for everyone! make it happen, @elonmusk”.

“If this happens, I will wash your feet and humbly kiss them.”

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