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Dawson’s Creek Reunion: Cast Reunites for the 20th Anniversary

20 years after the airing of the first episode of the iconic teen show Dawson’s Creek, its cast reunited for a cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly.

Posing for the cover of Entertainment Weekly, the cast of Dawson’s Creek have reunited. It is the first time that the audiences will see all of them together since the ending of the show.

In the show, the main character of Dawson Leery was played by James Van Der Beek.  Katie Holmes starred alongside him as Joey Potter, Joshua Jackson played the role of Pacey Witter, and Michelle Williams starred as Jen Lindley.

A number of other stars also made their name on the show, like John Wesley Shipp, who played the role of Mitch Leery, Nina Repeta as Bessie Porter, Kerr Smith as Jack McPhee, Monica Keena as Abby Morgan, and Meredith Monroe as Andie Phee.

The final episode of Dawson’s Creek, which was televised in 2003, was divided into two parts. It was titled ‘’All Good Things …Must Come to an End, Part one and two’’.

The finale was an effort to combine parts of the future with the present, so as to conclude the storylines which had then been evolving for nearly half a decade.

In the final episode, Dawson was shown working as a producer and TV writer in Los Angeles, where he lived permanently. His mind often diverted to Joey, who lives in New York City and works as a book publisher.

Pacey had become the owner of Ice House, however, just like Dawson, she was unable to erase from her mind the thoughts of Joey.

As for Jen, she was a single mother who was living in New York with her grandmother. She was shown managing an art gallery in the final episode.

Jack, meanwhile, was teaching at Capeside High, the same school where the entire gang of Dawson’s Creek studied at their prime.

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