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Brutal Dog Attack Forces Model To Undergo Plastic Surgery

The 23-year-old model was attacked by a Staffordshire-pit bull crossbreed on a camping trip back on New Year’s Eve.

Suzel Mackintosh, a 23-year-old model from Perth, Australia, has indicated her desire to rebuild her career following a brutal dog attack left her face ‘’looking like the Joker’’. The attack took place on New Year’s Eve when Suzel was out on a camping trip with her friends.

The dog which mauled her face was a Staffordshire-pit bull crossbreed, and its owner was none other than a close friend of Suzel.

She told LAD bible that a mutual friend had brought his dog to the camping trip, saying that he was super friendly. Before the horrific accident took place, Suzel says she was playing with the dog all day long.

It was only when the celebrations were all over – and Suzel undertook a trip to her car to bright something – that the dog attacked him and left Suzel ‘’feeling the holes’’ in her face.

She immediately underwent plastic surgery to try to repair the damage, however, the condition of her injuries is such that she could no longer lift her upper lip due to permanent muscle damage. She says that while she was initially fearful that the injury would ruin her career, she’s currently motivated not to allow it to come in the way of her pursuing her dreams.

Suzel, who hails from Perth, Australia, was on a camping trip to the remote region of Pemberton with friends when the accident took place. She was scheduled to fly back to London the very next day.

Currently, she is hoping to relaunch her career, but not without taunts from people who say ugly things like ‘’the hell is wrong with her lip?’’ and ‘too many dicks shoved in on a Friday night’. Thankfully, Suzel claims that her friends and family helped her in dark times.

As for the dog owner, Suzel claims she hasn’t had a word of support from him. So much so that her initial call to Suzel came after three days in which he said that he felt bad. Still, he was trying to defend his dog claiming it wasn’t temperamentally vicious.

“I’ve not heard from him since, nor had any support.” Claims Suzel.

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