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‘Black Panther’ Premiere Reactions: ‘Everything and So Much More’

‘Black Panther’, the latest creation of Marvel Cinematic Universe, had its world premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night and if early reactions give us some clue, the critics absolutely loved it.

Audiences waiting for the Black Panther Premier got their wish on Monday night inside the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Since Marvel has banned any full reviews of the movie till February 6, fans were eager to listen what the critics had to say about the Premier.

Starring Chadwick Boseman alongside Michael B Jordan, Letitia Wright and Danai Gurira, the film was made under the watchful eyes of veteran director Ryan Coogler. And if critics are to be believed, this film guarantees to be a treat for the cinemagoers.

Here are some of the reactions:

First up is Jen Yamato from the Los Angeles times who calls the movie “incredible, kinetic, and purposeful’’. She further calls it a ‘’superhero movie’’, one which tells people why ‘’representation and identity matters.

Next is Natasha Alford from The Gio who states that she felt ‘’incredible pride’’ at every turn and finishes up with calling the movie a ‘’real accomplishment’’.

From the Entertainment Weekly, ReBecca Theodore was there to see the Premier and as you might see from her tweets, she was visibly impressed with the direction of Ryan Coogler.


If that wasn’t praiseworthy enough, Geeks of Color went one step ahead and calling Black Panther as the ‘’best movie ever’’, before labeling it as the ‘’best Marvel Movie to date’’.

Representing Collider was Steven Weintraub who tweeted of being ‘’very impressed with the story’’, and that Michael B. Jordan was the best villain ‘’since Loki’’.

From Mashable, Angie J. Han told her Twitter followers that she ‘’never wanted this movie to end’’. Furthermore, she credited the film of having ‘’solid action, smart story and tons of personality’’

Finally, Kyle Buchanan of Vulture/New York Magazine called Letitia Wright as the “MVP of Black Panther’’.

Following the lead of Kyle Buchanan was Erik Davis of Fandango who called Black Panther as the “James Bond of Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

Brian Truitt from USA Today called Black Panther as ‘’simply awesome’’ and that it is one of “Top 5 all-time Marvel Movie’’.

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