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Black Mirror Confirms Season 5 Netflix Renewal

Although Netflix has confirmed that it would air Black Mirror for the 3rd year running, it has refused to confirm either the release date or the total episode count..

In a news that would surely please the Sci-Fi drama fans, Netflix has announced its decision to stream the 5th season of Black Mirror.

Though Black Mirror employs the same graphics which Sci-Fi movies are renowned for, its message – which conveys the dark side of technological advancement, is starkly different. Consequently, even for those fans who aren’t hardcore enthusiasts of sci-fi thrillers, Black Mirror grabs their attention.

The first two seasons of the Black Mirror series were telecast by Channel 4 in Britain. So popular did the show become that Netflix decided to air its next two seasons for the streaming giant’s worldwide audience.

As is the case with popular shows, Black Mirror has received its wide share of acclaim. The third episode of Season 4 – titled ‘’San Junipero’’ – alone won two Emmy Awards. Moreover, Rotten Tomatoes has given the show an approval rating of 92%.

The fourth season of Black Mirror focused was aired by Netflix in the closing stages of last year. Consisting of six episodes, the season explored topics like robotic dogs, dating apps, surveillance tools, as well as what the show calls Black Mirror Universe.

Still, despite Netflix’s announcement that it would air the show for the third season running, two mysteries still remain, the first of which revolves around as to when the show will come on-air.

For, while Season 4 ended in December last year, its filming had begun by this stage of 2017. Hence, while its fans would hope that the show could air at the tail end of this year, it would also join another of Netflix’s blockbusters, ‘’The League’’, in 2019.

The second mystery revolves around the number of Episodes Black Mirror would comprise of. For, one glance at the previous four seasons and one would know how unpredictable the season count of the show has been over the years.

While Season 1 consisted of only three episodes, Season 2 comprised of four, whereas both the third and fourth season aired for six shows. Therefore, it won’t be wrong for Black Mirror fans to wonder as to how long the fifth season will remain on air, once Netflix starts airing it.

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