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Beyoncé Falls While Trying To Pick Up Solange during Coachella

Just a week after making history with her Coachella performance, Beyoncé once again broke the Internet, though not with the news she may have wanted.

Well, they are like us, at least once in their lives.

To cap off her historic two-week performances at Coachella, Beyoncé invited her sister Solange to share the stage with her over the weekend. However, just as she was trying to pick her sister up, Bey accidentally dropped Solange and tripped over herself.

Luckily, none of them received any injury as suggested by the giggles which they shared while rolling on the stage. Once back on their feet, Beyoncé chanted to the audience: “Give it up for my sister!”

While the sister duo tried to showcase that the blip was part of the plan – as they jumped up and laughed simultaneously – people on social media still took notice.

The sister act was rumored to go as follows: Beyoncé invites Solange to stage, picks her up, both of them perform a repeat of last weekend’s ‘’Get Me Bodied”, and Solange goes back to the audience. Except that a drop occurred, and what was supposed to be a choreographed performance ended up lightening the mood of the audience.

In addition to the hiccup, there were quite a lot of changes in Beyoncé’s set from last weekend. For instance, gone were the yellow sweatshirts which she wore last week, replaced by their pink counterparts. Destiny’s Child also ditched the camouflage outfit which they donned last weekend in favor of glittery white numbers.

Also, while Beyoncé played “Mi Gente’’ alone last weekend, she was joined by Colombian singer J Balvin to do the same this time around.

The blip was a minor hiccup in what were two weeks of highly charged performances by Beyoncé at the Coachella festival in Calif, Indio.

Beyoncé became the first black women to head the Coachella festival last weekend. Her performance became the most-viewed live stream video of the festival in the history of YouTube. At its peak, Business Insider reports that the performance attracted a record 458,000 simultaneous viewers globally.

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