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Beyoncé and Jay-Z Display Mutual Love as The Run II tour opens in Cardiff

For all the reports that their marriage is taking final breaths, The Run II tour, which opened in Cardiff yesterday, was a 2 ½ hour show of love.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé still love each other as any other happily-married couple; this was what we were able to gather from their combined performances on the Run II tour which opened in Cardiff on Wednesday.

The couple, which made their way through more than 40 hits – including Crazy in Love and 99 problems – teased, flirted, and held hands throughout the show. Even when they were deep in the shadows, the mutual love was on display for everyone to see.

At one point during the show, Beyoncé evoked giggles from her husband by twerking to her. When Jay-Z rapped about ‘’ the rock on your finger’’, Beyoncé flashed her wedding ring, a huge grin spread across her face.

Still, while the show was a 2 ½ hour display of their love, it didn’t shy away from discussing the infidelity of Jay-Z. That said, on the whole, the message was that of love, healing, and redemption.

The video screens which decorated the whole stadium showcased compilation of the images of the couple being separated and their house on fire before they eventually reunited in a church to renew their wedding vows.

In case you are wondering, the love-stuff just formed a backdrop of the show, as the audience was treated to the back catalogs of both the stars.

The soundtracks which glamorized the night included hip-hop classics (Dirt Off Your Shoulder), feminist anthems (Flawless), among other tracks.

However, since the show contained multiple themes, it failed to have the political and cultural resonance which Beyoncé was able to showcase with her performance and set at the Coachella music festival.

That concert hammered home the idea of black resilience and feminist power, whereas, the On The Run II Tour failed to settle on any theme, as it vacillated between religious iconography and love and crime.

Another issue which we noted was the choice of tracks, as Beyoncé decided to forego her greatest hits in favor of songs that mold with that of Jay-Z’s material.

Consequently, the audience which was expecting hit-numbers from their favorite singers was greatly disappointed.

Finally, with the show about to end, love was in the air again. Home videos of not only the couple but also their three children flashed on the screen as Beyoncé sang her Ed Sheeran duet ‘’Perfect’’.

“Thank you guys for sharing this beautiful night with us,” said Beyoncé as the couple walked away.

“It feels so good to be on stage with the one I love.”

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