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‘Atomic Blonde 2’ Confirmed By Charlize Theron on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

When asked by the viewer regarding his future plans, Charlize Theron confirmed that ‘Atomic Blonde 2’ is in the works.

The question put up to Charlize Theron wasn’t about ‘Atomic Blonde 2’. It wasn’t even about his future plans, instead, the interviewer had innocuously asked her about whether she should be the next James Bond, an idea circulated around after Chris Hemsworth said the same a few days ago.

After admitting that ‘’it’s super-flattering’’ to even imagine herself in that role, Charlize Theron said that there was nothing like that in the pipeline. What she did confirm, however, was that ‘Atomic Blonde 2’ is currently in the making.

‘Atomic Blonde 2’ would be the sequel to the 2017 action-thriller in which Theron kicked some ass in the role of super spy Lorraine Broughton. The film created a lasting impression on the box office as it collected over $90 million at the worldwide box office.

‘Atomic Blonde’, the 2017 super-hit movie, revolved around one Lorraine Broughton, an elite spy in the British Intelligence Agency MI6. She’s sent to Germany when the Berlin Wall is about to fall. Her mission? To not only retrieve a hugely important dossier but also bust a deadly espionage ring before the fall of Berlin wall.

As the storyline of the Atomic Blonde reveals, the film was full of action and drama, hence the reason behind its success on the global box office. However, while Theron confirmed that there would be ‘’Atomic Blonde 2’’ and that she would be playing the major role yet again – she refused to reveal any story about the plot line.

Still, we hope that the film is going to follow the lead of its prequel. For, if that’s going to happen, we’re in for some highly-technical bone-breaking action and lots of spy disguises.

Watch the video in which Charlize Theron confirmed the making of ‘’Atomic Blonde 2’’ above.

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