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Aquaman: Test Screen Reactions Put Justice League and Wonder Woman to Shame

If early reactions to the test screening of Aquaman could give us any clue, the comic adaptation has all the necessary ingredients to put Justice League and Wonder Woman to shame.

Despite the fact that director James Wan hasn’t still confirmed the release date of the first trailer of Aquaman, those who have watched an early test screening of the movie are nothing but gushing in their praise of the comic adaptation.

According to a report which has been picked up by various media outlets, Warner Bros. decided to test the waters by showing the film to a select number of people on its studio to gauge how common public would respond to the movie.

And though his name wasn’t on the invitee list, The Tracking Board editor Umberto Gonzalez has claimed that he has heard from the invitees that the ‘’movie was great’’. He further claimed that the movie would be a turning point for the DC Extended Universe.

Two more sources, who were quoted by Batman-News, claimed that the ‘’loved’’ the movie, and that although there’s ‘’tons of action’’ in the movie as expected, it is also ‘’very emotional’’ as well.

Before the movie was screened for the select audience, it was surmised that it could be an ‘’underwater version of Star Wars’’.

Aquaman would start from where Justice League ended, with Arthur Carry, as the King of Atlantis, charting his way forward.

Arthur is expected to not only build his relationship with Mera, but also to deal with his Atlantean Heritage, and her father, the King Nereus of Xebel.

If that wasn’t enough to make his life difficult, Aquaman would also have to keep a close check – not only on his opponent Black Manta who wants to sit on his throne, but also on his traitorous brother, Orm.

However, while the positive reviews of the early screenings should provide relief to the fans, one thing which they would do well to remember is that all ‘’Suicide Squad’’, ‘’Justice League’’, and ‘’Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’’ received rave reviews at their test screenings, only to bomb at the Box Office.

Aquaman would be released worldwide in theaters on December the 21st of this year.

Its star-studded cast includes Jason Momoa, Amber heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Dolph Lundgren, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Michael Beach, Ludi Lin, Temeura Morrison and Patrick Wilson

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