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Anti-Trump Activists’ Twitter Accounts Were Banned for Life

Twitter banned two account of Anti-Trump users that had been trolling the president and his supported in the past.

Twitter alleged these accounts for using bot accounts to increase their reach. The statement said –

 “The Twitter Rules apply to everyone…Operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions are strictly prohibited. Engaging in these behaviors will result in permanent suspension from the service.”

The owners of these accounts are two brothers, Ed and Brian Krassenstein, claimed they haven’t used fake accounts. One of the brothers, Ed, wrote on Facebook –

“If Twitter wants to ban us for having multiple accounts then that’s their right…. Our multiple accounts did not break any of Twitters terms, but it’s their right to ban whoever they want. What they shouldn’t be doing is smearing our names over and over again by claiming that we ‘purchased account interactions.’”

Based on the stats from SocialBlade, the Krassenstein brothers have managed to get over 1.6 million followers combined by the time they were banned.

The brothers house was raided by federal agents accusing them for involvement in international fraud ring in 2016. They claimed they didn’t do anything illegal and were not charged.

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