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An Infant Elephant Mimics Man Sliding In The Rain

One in a while baby elephants have been caught being bloody lovable, and it’s the cutest thing EVER!!!

This time it’s a baby elephant imitates his human pal’s sliding skills from a couple of years back has resurfaced and became viral.

In the adorable clip, a baby elephant and an older elephant been seen walking alongside a man who begins sliding along on the wet grass. After seeing the fun this man having, the calf decides to try it too- and starts to copy the man.

We use to watch cute clips of baby elephants, like the clips showing tourist being repeatedly cuddled by a young elephant went viral. Like last week video:

and more cute video from November 2015 and March 2018- just to make you laugh a little louder:

Sadly, not everything is magical as it seems. Elephants continue to be hunted and killed by poachers.

Sir David Attenborough, an English broadcaster and naturalist (best known for writing and presenting, in conjunction with the BBC Natural History Unit), spoke out with LADbible and warned: “To never see a living elephant again is just too appalling.” while he spoke about the ivory trade and the worrying impact it is having on elephants.

In the two first adorable videos, we watching little Suki. She is the youngest elephants at the Chia Lai Orchid, a sanctuary in Thailand that looks after elephants- it’s a business that works to rescue elephants and fight human trafficking. You can support the Chia Lai Orchid mission and visit Suki and her family and live with the elephants at our eco-lodge.

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