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‘America’s Got Talent’ Recap: Heidi Klum Embarrasses a Virgin, Howie Mandel Almost Loses His Balls

Justifying its reputation of being one of the most unpredictable shows in America, ‘AGT’ featured a daredevil stuntman, a senior citizen comedian, and a hip violinist on Tuesday night.

“Remember you’re the fifth judge. Be as badly behaved as you want,” was how Simon pumped up the audience in the build-up to Tuesday night’s ‘’America’s Got Talent”.

Still, while his words were directed at the audience, it was Heidi Klum who took them to heart.

For, had it not been the case, you couldn’t justify the treatment Klum meted out to a 20-year-old singer who admitted in front of the whole audience that he was still a virgin.

The poor guy, who goes by the name of Joseph O’Brien, started his appearance by admitting on-stage that he never had a girlfriend. Hell, he never even “snogged” a girl.

Still, while he was predictably taken to the cleaners after his candid admission, Joseph got a thumbs up from all judges after his brilliant rendition of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” on the piano. On to the next round he went!

Next up was a freestyle rider Kenny Thomas, though he wasn’t alone on the stage to perform his act. Instead, he pulled Howie Mandel to the stage and had the judge lie down on the ground with his legs extended wide.

Kenny then took out his motorbike and started performing his stunts. Fortunately, for both him and Howie, all of his tricks missed the judge narrowly.

But that’s not the most shocking thing which Kenny did on the night. He also went on to do a complete 180-degree flip.

You may call it bravery on the part of Kenny – or stupidity on Howie’s parts as he almost lost his balls – but it goes without saying that all’s well that ends well.

For, due to his daring tricks, all the judges gave Kenny Thomas a thumbs up before sending him on through.

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