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Allison Mack: From ”Smallville” to Sex Cult ‘’Master’’

Allison Mack, famous for her role in television series ‘’Smallville’’, is currently serving house-arrest on charges of sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, and sex trafficking conspiracy.

Speaking on the Megyn Kelly Today show, Actress Samia Shoaib has called out Allison Mack for her attempts to recruit Samia for the sex cult.

Earlier this month, Mack was arrested on charges of forced labor conspiracy and sex trafficking by federal prosecutors. The actress was involved in a bigger group which recruited its followers under the guise of mentorship but instead exploited them.

Nxivm, the group for which Mack helped recruit followers, was founded in 1998 and is currently based in Albany, New York. Keith Raniere, its 57-year-old founder, was arrested in March by the US Federal Officials in Mexico on the charges of sex trafficking.

One complainant has alleged that the followers of the Nxivm group were forced to have sex with Raniere. Otherwise, Raniere threatened them with the release of their private information which the members submitted at the time of their entry into the group.

A report in NY Times quote former members of the group saying that as its founder, Raniere demanded complete obedience from the followers of his group. They further alleged that within Nxivm, a secret society called ‘’DOS’’ was created by Raniere.

DOS: Secret Society within NXIVM

‘’DOS’’ was like a hierarchal organization where the ‘’masters’’ – a euphemism for the founders of the group, headed women ‘’slaves’’. To become masters, ‘’slaves’’ were required to lure more recruits, who, in turn, provided ‘’service’’ to everyone above them in the DOS pyramid.

Officials say that the status of Ms. Mack in the group was immediately below that of Mr. Raniere, hence she was a master herself.

Another letter which federal prosecutors admitted in the court describes the work which was expected of slaves in the group. For instance, slaves were required to perform ‘’acts of tribute’’ and ‘’acts of care’’ for their masters without any compensation.

Worse, the slaves had no choice but to participate in ‘’readiness drills’’, a routine which required them to respond to the call of their masters at any time of the day. So vigorous was the routine that most of the slaves were sleep deprived, the letter said.

It further added that the women had no choice but to be branded with a cauterizing pen in their pelvic regions. The symbol, of whose origin the women were unknown, contained the initials of Raniere.

After she was taken into custody, Mack was released by federal prosecutors for a $5million bond on April 24. To cover the bail of their daughter, her parents put their house as collateral.

Currently, Mack is serving home arrest with a high-end electronic monitoring system ensuring her presence. She is also involved in plea negotiations with the prosecutors, and it is believed that Mack has expressed her readiness to cooperate with them to prepare a watertight case against Raniere.

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