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Alabama Moment Baby Born After 22 Weeks ‘Graduates’ From Intensive Care

A baby who was born after just of his mother’s pregnancy, Cullen Potter from Alabama had a challenging start to life, to say the least- he was born weighing just 13.9 ounces – far off the average weight of a baby which is between five pounds, eight ounces and eight pounds, thirteen ounces.

Cullen first experienced difficulties while still in the womb, leading his mother Molli to spend three weeks in a Pensacola hospital prior to his birth. Mollie Potter says she was told her baby had just a two percent chance of survival at birth and that they (his parents) were told nothing could be done to save the little boy. Even if they were able to somehow keep him alive, he would suffer from disabilities.

However, the family would not give up, with her partner calling 16 hospitals across three states to find one that could accommodate such a severely premature child and would save him.

After experiencing two miscarriages the previous year, the couple was going to do all they could to give Cullen a fighting chance and finally, after 160 days in the hospital, he is able to go home.

Ms. Potter is now able to stand tall and exclaim: ‘Well, here’s our 2 percent. Perfect in every way. God is a good big boy.’ Baby Cullen now weighs five pounds and eleven ounces and is said have gotten over any major health difficulties and has now even ‘graduated’ from intensive care.

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