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After Disappointing With ‘’I Feel Pretty’’, What Next For Amy Schumer

Of the three movies in which Amy has played the leading role, her latest ‘’I Feel Pretty’’ had the worst opening week at the Box office and reviews from critics aren’t good either.

What next for Amy Schumer? It is a question which both critics and fans of Amy are asking after an underwhelming performance of ‘’I Feel Pretty’’ at the box office.

‘’I Feel Pretty”, which is the third film of the stand-up comedian, garnered a soft $16 million on its first weekend. It is not exactly a disaster, but, compare it with her two movies, and you suspect that it is.

Amy Schumer’s first starring role was in ‘’Trainwreck’’, a 2015 hit in which she debuted alongside Bill Hader. Directed by Judd Apatow, the film collected a handsome $30 million on its first weekend, before bowing out with an impressive lifetime collection of $110 million.

That was an impressive tally, considering the fact that it was only her first movie. Also, the incisive rom-com genre on which the movie was based had struggled to live up to the hype years of Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan, though the film still did well at Box office.

However, some critics are of the view that it was her previous career – both as a stand-up comedian as well as in Comedy Central – and NOT her acting which gave ‘’Trainwreck’’ the nudge it needed to succeed.

After all, it was the first time that Amy had transitioned from silverscreen to tackle the big one, so her audiences were eager to see how she coped with the transition.

As famous a hit ‘’Trainwreck’’ was, it set a difficult precedent for Amy to follow. Her next leading role, which she played in 2017’s ‘’Snatched’’, opened with an encouraging $19 million before wrapping up for less than $45 million.

So, in the light of these two films, it was probably crucial for her film career that Amy Schumer delivered in ‘’I Feel Pretty’’. Unfortunately, she didn’t. While Rotten Tomatoes has given her a 34% rating, IMDB has settled on 3.7 stars.

That said, as bad as the experience of ‘’I Feel Pretty’’ has been for Amy, it could have been worse. When she was acting in ‘’I Feel Pretty’’, Amy was approached by Sony for a similar role in ‘’Barbie’’, which she declined due to scheduling conflicts.

‘’Barbie’’ had the same theme of body acceptance as ‘’I Feel Pretty’’, and as the audience’s response to the latter has shown, an Amy Schumer starring ‘’Barbie’’ might have bombed at the Box office, too.

Still, Amy still has something to look forward to. For, while both her last two movies were underwhelming, they had one more thing in common: Amy didn’t write them.

But when we look at her career as a stand-up comedian, we see that Amy Schumer works best when she delivers her own written punch lines. In the light of these facts, therefore, we could say with confidence that Amy Schumer’s movies would be better if she is given a bigger role in their screenplays.

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