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A woman was found dead near her crying baby daughter

Beautician found hanged next to her crying daughter after rowing with her boyfriend partner about him going on a ‘boys’ night out’ and was angry about being abandoned by her partner.

Agnieszka Giza, a 23-years-old mum-of-one, was found dead with her crying daughter standing next to her. Giza had wanted to attend a concert with her partner, Marek Goralczyk, but he left her at home – after he found out that his friends were not bringing their other partners.

The couple texted a series of angry texts as Agnieszka looked after their 3-year-old daughter in Cheshire. Giza mistakenly thought Marek, her 30-years-old boyfriend, was with another woman. She demanded Marek come home, but the battery in his phone ran out and he stayed over at his friend house.

Workmen who came to repair a patio door found Giza with her crying daughter standing next to her body.

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