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Sceptic of Climate Change? Get Ready to Bid Farewell to Chocolate, Coffee, and Beer

Think Climate Change is a hoax? Our stubbornness, when combined with bad weather, might take away many of the pleasures of life which we usually take for granted.

Climate Change and Coffee

It doesn’t matter which report you read, there is one thing you’ll find common in all of them: Climate Change is the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced. And in contrast to other effects of Climate Change – i.e. Heat waves and rising seas, which will mostly affect the developing countries, now is the turn of the developed world to get stuffed.

No Beer (or less quality beer)

According to a report prepared by a collaboration of 42 breweries, we might run out of beer in a Climactically Changed Future. The report shines light on how the rise in temperature and decrease in water levels is going to affect our beer production.

And even if the worse doesn’t happen, there is another danger. A team at the Hydrometeorological Institute of Czech Republic has found out that Climate Change has degraded the yield and quality of the beer. They have further predicted that if Climate Change goes unabated, beer yield could further drop by 10%.

No Camp Life

Board games or park life? A question most of us face every weekend. Not any longer – provided we continue to turn a blind eye towards Climate Change.

For, throughout the world, the weather is going to get more and more extreme. You might think that means the summer will be longer, but there’s more to that.

For, when the air will become hotter than usual, it will hold more water. As a result, there would be increased flooding, sea level rises, and rainfalls. All in all, a perfect recipe for anything but normal.

No Chocolate

Africa is famous for two things: crippling poverty and cocoa production. Sadly, there’s another factor which is taking hold there these days – climate change – and it is going to worsen both of the first two.

In the last forty years, the land available for the growth of cocoa has shrunk by over 40%. The next forty years, meanwhile, are going to see a temperature rise of 2*C. That will make it very difficult (and hot) for cocoa trees to grow.

On the other side, there’s the demand for chocolate – which will outstrip the supply by 1 million tonnes by 2020. Yup, that’s two years from now.

No Coffee

You might be thinking after reading the abovementioned: but we would still have coffee. Unluckily, if the current trend persists, we won’t.

For, just like cocoa, coffee beans require a moderate climate to grow. And as the droughts in Brazil and floods in Honduras have shown, the moderate climate is the last thing this world has. Add to the mix the decrease in water levels in Vietnam – which, like Brazil and Honduras, is famous for coffee beans, and you might change your early morning coffee-drinking routine for good.

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