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3 Uncomfortable things celebs said on live TV

Live TV is a television production broadcast in real-time, as events happen, in the present. What did it mean? It means that Live TV gave us some of the most talked about moments in history- on REAL TIME!

We all remember the 19-years old boy who got his first kiss EVER from Katy Perry and didn’t like it (WTF!?) as we remember a lot another uncomfortable moments, actions and words we watched live TV.

(^ reminder for the uncomfortable kiss)

And while some things are better left unsaid, these 3 celebs said it- live on TV:

George Bush hates black people?

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the rapper Kanye West, an African American man, tried to raise money for Katrina victims. Of course, because it’s Kanye, he still had to cross the line- even will he tried to do a good thing. West stood next to Mike Myers, gave a deadpan stare to the camera and announced, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Myers was left speechless until the camera operator cut the live broadcast.

Is Miley Cyrus a B***H? 

Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus used to be good friends. What happened? Cyrus told The New York Times that Minaj wasn’t very nice.

Cyrus was responding to a rather minor argument Minaj had with Taylor Swift. Minaj tweeted about her feeling about the song “Anaconda” that it was snubbed by the VMAs in favor of women with “very slim bodies”, and Swift assumed the tweet was about her, even it wasn’t. Swift and Minaj cleared things up and everything was fine- until Cyrus opened her mouth. Oopsss!

On live TV, during the MTV Video Music Awards, Minaj used her acceptance speech after winning Best Hip Hop Video to say, “Back to this B***H that has a lot to say about me the other day in the press: Miley, what’s good?”. Later, Minaj explained her reaction to MTV. She claiming Cyrus should have been more sensitive about black issues if she wanted to enjoy the culture.

Is psychiatry a pseudoscience?

You know that feeling of seeing a car accident happen and not being able to do anything to make it stop? That was pretty much how everyone in the nation felt during Tom Cruise’s 2005 Today interview.

In 2005 Tom Cruise, the notorious Scientologist from going on live television to debate the merits of psychiatry, a medically proven science that helps treat millions of people struggling with mental illness all over the world.

In this interview, the Cruise dubbed psychiatry a “pseudoscience,” slammed Brooke Shields for using antidepressants to ease her postpartum depression, called Matt Lauer “glib”, and claimed there was no such thing as a chemical imbalance. Don’t forget- these uncomfortable words were coming from a celeb who believes humans are plagued by the souls of 75-million-year-old aliens. Only years later, Cruise apologized to Shields. Very mature Cruise, we are proud of you!

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